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2017 Is Flying By–Happy Labor Day

Good Monday morning again, boy the weeks are just flying by. It will be 2018 before we know it. Hold on a minute, I’m not ready! I hope you are keeping happy and healthy. Have you been for your flu shot? I intend to get mine, just as soon as I get over this pesky cold. I want to finish out 2017 fit and healthy. To be fit, I’m afraid I would need to loose 30 to 40 lbs. I am tired of carrying at least two big loads of cat litter with me 24 hours a day. No wonder my poor knees hurt. Then when I do have to carry heavy things, well you know how it goes. May be not though if you are one of the lucky ones with good metabolism. Any ideas?

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Happy Anniversary Trevor

Sonoma County Yarn StoreI have just realized today is the anniversary of our, mine and my hubby’s recommitment. That seems so long ago and I guess it is. Almost 11 years.

And yet on the other hand it seems like yesterday. My Granddaughters were little girls then, just 9 and 6 respectively, now, wow they are young ladies.

They have really gown into beautiful young women and I am extremely proud of them. Happy ‘other’ anniversary Trevor! I would still do it all over again.






Labor Day & Holiday Knitting

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesSo, August is behind us for another year and I certainly hope you are enjoying a very happy Labor Day. Now it really is time to get down to that holiday knitting. Is there anything you would like to see us have a class on? I was thinking about another Christmas Stocking class, what do you think about that? Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

We have also started some one skein project ideas for the holidays so be sure to check those out the next time you are in the store.


Knitting Retreat

Knitting Retreat Sonoma CountyHave you ever thought about doing a knitting retreat? Well the other day the organizer of the “Knitting on the Coast” retreat came in and left some flyers. They have 5 spaces left for a retreat at St Dorothy’s Rest. They will be having classes and lots of fun. Pick up a leaflet at the store or call  Thea at 415-794-4527 to get more information. Meet new friends, learn new skills and enjoy a break away from the norm. The photo above is the view from one of their retreat rooms at St. Dorothy’s Retreat:


Great Patterns-Marianne Isager

Knitting Classes Sonoma CountyThis week our book is Classic Knits Collection by Marianne Isager. This is another Interweave book. Over 20 traditional, appealing projects worked in basic knit and purl stitch patterns, each with a distinct design element such as a combination of yarns, a clever use of stitch pattern or an unusual form of construction. At 75% off this book really is a steal.

For the price of one pattern you will not only get more than 20, but you will get the how to’s , over 6 new techniques to add to your arsenal as well as some really great photos. As I look through this book I am drawn to the many classes we could develop from this book.

One really cute knit would be Elf, this is a one-piece outfit for the teeny weeny new baby’s in your life. Check it out, and let us know if there is a technique in this book that you would like us to teach you.


New Yarn In Stock-Yummy!

Yarn Store Sonoma CountyThe Yarn I would like to discuss is Cassowary, a truly colorful Australian fine wool blend. 100 grams of scrumptiousness. Each 100 gram ball has 380 yards, recommended needles US 1 – 3

With a gauge of 27 to 32 sts in stockinette, or crochet US B1 to E, 21 to 32 single crochets to 4”.

One ball could get you a pair of socks a shawl of an abundance of other fine projects. If you don’t like to knit on small needles up the size for a nice lacy effect. The blend is 70% fine wool and 30 Nylon for added strength.



I am rather sorry to say, I have run out of time. I was planning on trying to get another newsletter ready to go for mid September, as I am off on my travels again but due to being kept busy up until the last moment and trying to make sure I have everything you may need in the store, having all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted I don’t think I will make it. You never know, I may find some time on the road to send a few lines, or perhaps Tamara will help me out and send you a little update. I plan for this to be my last trip of the year. Once I get back it will be all systems go until after the holidays.


I hope you have fun with all of your projects. Linda, Karen and MaryAnne will be here to take good care of you, only the best will do for you.


Take care and I will be back with you as soon as I can–Hugs Trudy

Stocking Up with New Yarn for Cool Weather

New Cooler Weather Yarn Has Arrived

Good Monday Morning, see I’m trying to do better. It has only been two weeks this time and I have lots to share.

We are certainly stocking up for the holidays and cooler weather. Never fear though I will still have the cottons and finer yarns as we know living here, we can have summer and winter all in one day. We have had to do a little reorganizing to make room for everything, so if things aren’t where you remember, just ask.

With the closure of Hen Haus I have also taken on some of her yarn. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the Hen Haus patrons to our yarn store and consider it their home away from home. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Kirstin health, happiness, and success in her new home state.


Road Trip Knitting

Knitting Classes SebastopolI recently took a quick road trip, long weekend really to Oregon. Of course, I checked out yarn stores on the way. While my hubby was driving I do what I always do too, other than fall sleep of course. I knitted.

I took with me two skeins of some new yarn. One actually isn’t that new, but I have never had a knitted sample of it in the store. Arucania – Lujoso, it is beautiful, a blend of 50% Alpaca, 35%, and 15% silk, yummy to the touch and lovely to knit with, with its thick and thin construction which adds depth to any design.  I have 6 colors in the store and more on the way so we will have a full array of colors.

The skein of this I took with me was a lovely deep purple. Here is the hat I made with it. One skein and a little over for good measure.



Sonoma County Knitting ClassesThe second skein I took was Mirasol – Ushya. This is certainly a cold weather yarn. This super bulky weight is comprised of 98% Merino wool and 2% Polyamide.

It is a chainette style yarn so as bulky as it is, it is still not a heavy weight. Again, a one skein hat and leftovers. This yarn I do not have in the store yet but it is on the way in a variety of colors.

The one I knitted up is a light grey with pink undertones. Great stitch definition and a quick knit. Great for cowls hats etc. here is the Ushya hat.




Sonoma County Yarn StoreAlthough I didn’t take this yarn with me, a sister yarn to the Ushya, is Sika, both of them are from Mirasol. This yarn is also considered a bulky weight, although to look at it you wouldn’t necessarily notice.

They recommend a size 10 to 10.5 needle I knitted a hat a couple of weeks ago on a size 7. It is super stretchy and cushy, another chainette construction so extremely light, 60% wool 40% Alpaca.

Although It might seem like I make a lot of hats, I guess I do, but it is a great way to see the yarn knitted up. Its construction and idiosyncrasies etc. and there is normally enough yarn in one skein to complete one. I do prefer to see a project rather than a square.

Nothing wrong with squares, they are great to put together to make a blanket or a shawl but for the purpose of showing new yarn this is my way to go. All of the above yarn would make great cowls, scarves ponchos, sweaters etc. etc. All on the chunkier side as far as size and loft but none of them are heavy.


Great Presentations Coming September

Before I go on to review a book this week I would like you to get your calendars out so that you can save the following two dates. We have two very special presentations at the end of September and I don’t want you to miss out.

Carnaby YarnCamille from Carnaby – Saturday 23rd September, time to be determined.

Lee Gant – Saturday 30th September from 12 noon to 5pm


First up we will be having Camille from Carnaby yarn, coming to join us to share her felted yarn/roving, and how to make really quick projects with arm knitting. No, I realize arm knitting isn’t for everyone, but there is a time and use for everything. It should be a great demonstration and we can all learn something. Her colors are awesome and she is really passionate about her craft.


 Lee Gant’s New Book

Lee GrantThen, something I have certainly been waiting for and looking forward to, LEE GANT will be here to share the release of her new Book. I have just received my copy. This is truly a project that was straight from the heart. It was a labor of love and it shows on every page.

Amazing patterns, beautiful photographs and not a bad read either. She obviously loves her family, especially her grandchildren and their smiles show their love for her. What lucky girls they are to have their grandmother design and knit for them. In turn, we get to take advantage of that love and make these wonderful designs for our loved ones.

Along with Lee sharing the book, how it all came to be, she is offering to bring a trunk show of the finished garments. Space will be somewhat limited, so mark your calendars, let me know you are coming and be ready for a very fun afternoon.



Sonoma County Knitting ClassesSo now that is on your list of things to do, back to this week’s book on offer. This is a book about something that is close to my crafting heart. Working with color. I am surrounded by color and texture every day. Colors make me happy, it makes coming to Yarnitudes and what I do every day (I can’t truthfully call that part work) so much fun. Whether it be knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting or just what color I will wear for the day, color is a part of who I am. I hear often that a certain color wont work with someone’s wardrobe, or hair eyes etc. I understand that and there are certain colors I look awful in but if you could see all of the colors in my wardrobe it is kind of like all of the colors in the store.

So, this book is called ‘The Alchemy of Color Knitting. ‘ Again this is a book full of wonderful photographs, and designs along with the how-to’s that show you the best way of mixing and matching, colors that make statements, subtle shades than when used together can create masterpieces. Wearable art. As the book states “the art and technique of mastering exquisite palettes. Author Gina Wilde provides just the right prescription, not only teaching the basics of color theory, but also exploring the energizing and complex relationship between color and meaning” There 25 colorful patterns in this book, each with a color lesson. While stocks last you can buy this book for less than the price of a single pattern.

Lots to take in and think about this week, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together for you.

Our featured image is our free pattern from Tahki this week:

Take care, and I hope to see you very soon. All the best ~ Trudy

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New Yarn & Yarn Tips

Sorry for the Absence

Hello, again. Good Monday morning. I know I have been bad. I had meant to send an email at least every other week but, time got away from me. Can you believe it is already August??? So, now to catch up. I hope you are doing well, keeping happy and enjoying playing with some scrumptious yarn, etc.


The Yarn Hop Was Great

Yarn HopWell the HOP is over for another year. What a great turn out. Everyone did a fantastic job of getting the word out this year. People were coming from all over. I think at this point it is safe to say we will probably be doing another one next year. Can you believe this was the fifth one?

As always, our suppliers came through for us. With their help, I was able to give out 32 door prizes, the grand prize, and a runner up to the grand prize.


Collaborative Cowl Patterns

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesSonoma County Crochet ClassesWhat did you think of the collaborative cowl patterns? I raffled off two finished ones. The first was the original, a color for each pattern stitch, so five colors one for each shop. Did you get all the patterns? The second I added half as many stitches again and knitted all the stitch patterns in one yarn, one single color. This proved to be a favorite.

I knitted it up in Zooey twist, which is a linen cotton yarn from Juniper moon. The one I did was in a Pawnee Cloud. It comes in 8 colors and regular Zooey in 38 amazing color ways. Each skein has 284 yards, 60% cotton and 40% linen. Madeline has knitted several tops with this yarn too. If you missed seeing the cowl you can see a garment that she knitted with it in the store. We also had a crochet cowl pattern that we did in five colors, we didn’t want the crocheters to miss out. If you would like a copy of any of these patterns just give us a nod.


Fabulous New Yarns

Yarn Store SebastopolWe have several new yarns in the store, or arriving very soon. Two I would like to talk to you about this week are the Winter Washi and Top Rainbow both from Katia.

Katia yarns is a Spanish collection of beautiful European novelty yarns for both adults and children. These yarns inspired by the latest trends in fashion. This company is one of the most popular in Europe and you don’t have to visit Europe to get them.

The Top Rainbow comes in 200 grams, 874 yards, it is comprised of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. The recommended needle size is a US 6-8 or hook size G or H. Each skein has a free pattern sheet with both knit and crochet. We have it in 3 colorways; Green, gray, chocolate/ Teal, black, violet and red, black, grey. Although the cost is $36.50 per, for 874 yards and a free pattern it is a steal.

The second one I would like to tell you about is Winter Washi; this is a unique yarn, which comprises of 47% Polyester. 20% viscose, 13% acrylic, 10% mohair and 10% polyamide. This is a bulky yarn to be knitted on US 11-13 or Crocheted on hook L-N. It is a tape like yarn and so much fun to work with. We have it in three lovely colors, Pearl, Mauve and Grey. I can’t wait to work with it. The cost of this is $15.50 per, one or two skeins would make an amazing project/gift.

Northern Knits–Lucinda Guy

Northern KnitsThis week the book I am going to write about is Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy. This book was inspired by the knitting traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland and the Shetland Isles. So, if you like a change from the norm and have always loved the European classic styles of knitting, this is the book for you.

Northern Knits is a collection of 20 women’s garments and accessories all using traditional techniques and folk motifs. This is the perfect hands on guide for anyone interested in learning about knitting history and learning the time-tested techniques for creating Shetland lace shawls, Icelandic textured jackets, Norwegian cardigans and Swedish twined socks. Originally this book sold for $24.95 but while stocks last this can be yours for just the price of a single pattern at $6.75.


Yarn Fiber Tips

Tips this week; I am often asked about the material make up of yarn e.g. what is? so I thought this week I would investigate a little and share the results.

Mercerize -treat to strengthen and improve the luster


Polyester Fiber:

Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. Developed in a 20th-century laboratory, polyester fibers are formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule whose structure repeats throughout its length. Polyester fibers can form very iong molecules that are very stable and strong.

Polyester is used in the manufacture of many products, including clothing, home furnishings, industrial fabrics, computer and recording tapes, and electrical insulation. Polyester has several advantages over traditional fabrics such as cotton. It does not absorb moisture, but does absorb oil; this quality makes polyester the perfect fabric for the application of water-, soil-, and fire-resistant finishes. Its low absorbency also makes it naturally resistant to stains. Polyester clothing can be preshrunk in the finishing process, and thereafter the fabric resists shrinking and will not stretch out of shape. The fabric is easily dyeable, and not damaged by mildew. Textured polyester fibers are an effective, nonallergenic insulator, so the material is used for filling pillows, quilting, outerwear, and sleeping bags
Read more:


Viscose Fiber:

Viscose is a soft and lightweight fabric manufactured from a plant-based material called cellulose. Viscose is typically made from woody plants, such as trees and bamboo. Viscose fabric, also known as viscose rayon, is a textile made from regenerated cellulose fiber. The fiber is processed using a wet-spin technique, which results in a cool, smooth and highly absorbent fabric. Clothing made from viscose fabric tends to have a cotton-like appearance.


Acrylic Fiber:

Acrylic fiber is a type of fABRIC made from acrylic fibers, it is still widely manufactured throughout the world. It does use a chemically produced substance called acrylonitrile, which is also used in the production of plastics. Acrylonitrile tends to break down easily in the environment, though there is some argument on this point. High levels of acrylonitrile exposure might be considered toxic, but the quick break down often keeps acrylic fabric marketed as environmentally friendly.

Acrylic fabric is favored for a variety of other reasons. It is warm, can be quite soft, holds color well, and is both stain and wrinkle resistant. These can make acrylic fabric a popular choice, and for those who love wool but are allergic to it, acrylic can be an excellent substitute. When acrylic fabric was first made, it was often thought “cheap” and not as valuable as natural fiber garments. Some early acrylic fabrics weren’t comfortable and were quite itchy. New manufacturing processes have mainly solved these issues, and many prefer acrylic to natural fibers because it tends to be easier to care for.


Mohair Fiber:

mohair – fabric made with yarn made from the silky hair of the Angora goat

Polyamide is a type of synthetic fabric that contains sweat-wicking and water-repelling properties that make it an ideal material for outerwear and sports clothing. Polyamide fabrics are found in many types of clothing, including jackets, shirts and pants. These fabrics are comprised of several types of plastics, which have complementary chemical properties. The plastics found in polyamides are called polymers. There are two main types of polymers in polyamides that contain sweat-wicking properties. Polymers contain polarized ends that have negative and positive charges. The charged ends attract water molecules, which in turn leave the surrounding material and move away from the skin.

Our free pattern this week is fun to work up in fingering weight and it’s fun and fast:

Wow that was a lot of information. Next time my tip will be shorter I promise.

I hope you keep on having fun with your yarn and fiber, until next time, take care, warm hugs,