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Good Morning,

Did you know that November is Cable month?

I don’t know who comes up with these things, however someone did and here we are.  Cabling in November.  If you know me, you know I love cables. In fact I have just started a Custom Fit cable cardigan for ME!!!  The pattern is Acorn Trail.  And it is turning out rather nice if I do say so myself!  Anyway, if you haven’t tried knitting or crocheting cables yet, now is the perfect time.

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My mum who has knitted for most of her life once said “I don’t know how to do those” when presented with a cable project.  I told her it is in fact very easy.  I showed her how, and at the age of 80 she said “why did I wait so long?”  So having said that, how about trying some cables?   Madeline was teaching the little cable neck warmer yesterday.  It is a quick, one skein project.  You have plenty of time to try this and have it done just in time for the holidays. I just saw this cute little pattern for Knitted Boot Cuffs, why don’t you give it a try?  Or try the Crocheted Boot Cuffs featured at the top.  If you have questions don’t worry.  As always we are here to help.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Did you also know that you are able to crochet cables?  We are hearing from more and more crocheter’s now.  With so many questions and requests for classes you are keeping me on my toes.  As you know we have a great selection of knitting books but because the need wasn’t there, the crochet selection was rather small.  Never fear, we have started adding to it and now and I think we have a pretty good selection.  So why not come and check them out.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop Sonoma County Yarn ShopSonoma County Yarn Shop  Sonoma County Yarn Shop

I am always asked which is easier to do:  knit or crochet.  But that is hard to answer because they are just so different.  Depending on the project, crochet can be quicker.  If you drop a stitch you only have that one to worry about.  You have one hook instead of two needles.  The fabric works up very fast.  For some one hook is enough, for others it doesn’t feel right unless you can balance two.  All I know is they are both fun and there are times I want to knit and times I want to crochet.  As always with any craft, do what feels right for you.  If you haven’t tried on or the other it is always nice to give it a try, and often you can use both skills on the same project.  We are an equal opportunity store.

That is why we have added repeating monthly classes for Beginning Knitting and Crocheting.  We have offered these one on one in the past but we are getting so busy in the store that we thought it might help to offer group classes once a month.  We will still offer one on one sessions if needed but group classes should free up some of our time.  Check out our class listings on our website to get more details on these and our other classes.

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If you aren’t following us on Twitter or Facebook you may not have heard.  The Madeline Tosh has arrived!  We have a great selection of colors and yarn weights.  It really is truly scrumptious. I had to stop Lesley from crawling into the box.  Did you know she does that when I’m not around?  Can you believe it?

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday for all those of you who use American express, check out their requirements, it is worth the effort, free money! Don’t forget we will be having a special sale that day so stop on by!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

We are very excited to announce that The Knit the Sky Books are in. Remember that space will be limited for this workshop so sign up soon.  Come by and check out the book, it looks like so much fun.  If you can’t make it to the workshop, consider getting the book.  The illustrations are beautiful.  It would make a wonderful gift for any knitter

Sonoma County Knitting Class

We are working on getting more authors to come to work with us in the future, did you know we are very lucky to have some really great ones who live pretty close by.  How exciting!

Now before I leave you for the week, we have some more completed customer projects.

Here is Mary Ann’s Snood/cowl in Nuna, it is really beautiful.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

This is Carol’s shawl in Sebago, What great stitch definition and the yarn washes so well.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Last but not least Marsha with her pretty pink socks knitted in Pediboo.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

It is so great to see these finished projects.  Soon it will be time to have a special newsletter where you will be able to vote for your favorites.

I will leave you now with thoughts of cables and Tosh to distract you through your Monday.


Please note – we will be closing several days over the holidays.
First off, we will close at 2pm on Wednesday November 25thand be closed on Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27thNovember.  For a full list of all the holiday closures, please go to the contact page of our website.

And yes, they are STILL at it!!!

Yarnitudes Classes This Week:
Two-at-a-Time-Socks (Toe-up or Top-down) – two dates available – Tuesday or Sunday
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All upcoming class details are available on our website, click here.

To sign up for a class please reply to this email, call us at the shop 707-827-3618 or contact us.

Please let us know if a day or time does not work for you. We will try to repeat a class at a another time.
As always – to allow us to continue classes and maintain the low cost, please purchase your materials here in the store. Thank you.

Social knitting

Knitting and Crocheting groups meet at Yarnitudes on Wednesday evenings or Friday afternoons.  Spinning group meets on Thurday afternoon. Please join us!

The Santa Rosa Sit and Stitch meetings occur every Second and Fourth Tuesday at Cafe des Croissants, 2444 Lomitas Ave. Cross streets – Chanate off of Mendocino. New knitters, crocheters always welcome.

For more info on this group contact:

Andi Cassin Bowen – or Nancy Jensen –