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New Yarns & Knitting Tips

Sebastopol Yarn StoreI hope you find yourself as happy and content as this little kitty.

So, did you make the wine tasting, what did you think? I think we all had a lot of fun and I just love their wines. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your wine and your time with us. We wish you all the very best with your future endeavors.



New Yarns

I recently added a new line of yarn to the store, yes, another one. What am I going to do with me? It is always a bit of a risk when I try something new, but from the oohs and aahs I got when I was unpacking the box, I think I made a good decision. Some of it didn’t even make it to the shelf. The yarn itself is called Uluru, by Queensland.

Look at these amazing colors – I have attached a link so that you can have access to view some amazing patterns using this yarn.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Uluru Rainbow

Sebastopol Knitting Classses




382 yards


6.75-8 sts. = 1″ / 4-Ply weight


49% Cotton, 43% Acrylic, 8% Polyamide


Sonoma County Knitting Classes

1-3 2.25-3.25 13-10 B-D

The colors are amazing and it is lightweight with just a little halo, but not as fine as mohair. Madeline already has a feather and fan scarf started. Ideal for a summer weight cardigan or wrap. You just must try it for yourself.



Knitting & Crochet Questions

A while back I asked people to send questions, regarding knitting and crochet. Then life happened and we all got busy. But recently I have had many people ask me (in the shop) the best way to join in a new ball/skein of yarn. So, I thought I would take a minute to tell you my preferences.


My Preferences


Sonoma County Yarn ShopThe first way I will join is to let go of the old yarn and start knitting with the new yarn, you can weave the tail in as you go. Sometimes I will alternate the old and new yarn, i.e. knitting one stitch with one yarn and the next with the new.

This way is pretty easy and as long as you watch the tension and don’t pull too tight it is practically invisible.



Another is the magic knot, this one depends on exactly where I am joining and the type of yarn I am using.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

A favorite is the Russian join, threading a tapestry needle with one end of the yarn and threading it back on itself creating a loop. Then threading the new yarn into the tapestry needle, pass this through the loop and again back on itself. This keeps it nice and neat. Knit a few stitches and you can then cut off the long ends.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

If you are using an animal fiber, one that will felt, you can do the spit splice, no you don’t need to actually use spit, yucky. Fray out the ends, add some water and rub together so they felt into each other As always if you have any questions on any of these please come on in and I will be happy to show you.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

One thing I detest, I don’t mind sewing pieces together, but sewing all of those ends in is another matter. Much easier to do it as you go.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


Susan’s Fun Gifts

Here is a fun picture from Susan. She came in the store recently bringing with her some gifts she has made for family members, what do you think? Cute, aren’t they?

Sebastopol Yarn Shop

What kind of cute things do you like to make? We just got a great book in called “Huggable Amigurumi” All you need to do to make these cute little characters is a little yarn and know how to do a chain, single crochet and some time. I am sure you know someone who would love to receive one of these. Don’t fret though if you can’t crochet, we do have books for knitted Huggables too.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

I hope I have given you a few things to think about this week. So many fun things to keep you inspired and those needles and hooks moving. So I am going to close for now and be back next week.

Our featured photos this week s from a wonderful site that sells art and postcards that are knitting inspired:

Until then, take care, stay healthy and happy, ~ Trudy

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Why Do We Knit or Crochet?

Monday Morning Blessings

Good morning, are you doing well?

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First things first, don’t forget the wine tasting event we have coming up here for Satyre wines. You will love the wine and you will have so much fun with Nicole, she is great. Mark your calendars and remember to stop by on the 15th April 1 – 4pm. Get all your chores done early so you don’t miss out. What a way to celebrate Tax Day. At least it is over for another year.


Satyre – pron. {suh – tîr}


Satrye Wiine

Why Do We Knit or Crochet?

Why do we knit? Why do we crochet? Well apart from the reason that it feels good, have you thought about why you started? I started when I was young because I was taught at school, it was a desirable craft to know. To take forward and share with the new generations to come. It was also a way to decorate our homes and clothe us in times of hardship. Repurposing garments and such. Fishermen mending their nets etc. Today though with the overabundance of everything those reasons have taken a back seat, for many.

Sonoma County Yarn Store Sonoma County Yarn Store


Everything We Create Is Unique

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesIt is still great though, that we don’t just have to go with the same thing everyone else has. One of a kind, something you have created for yourself, a friend, a loved one. Something you have invested time energy and love into. One of my very first custom pieces was for a woman looking for just the right color cardigan to go with an outfit she had.

She was renewing her wedding vows and had found just the right dress to wear but it was a little too revealing, she thought, for the church. So together she told me what she wanted and we went over color charts to find the exact color she wanted.

Then came the buttons, something sparkly, a little lace here, a texture there, etc. She ended up with just what she wanted. Had she been able to knit herself she could have saved some money and been entertained all at the same time.



Color and Unique Fashion Statements

I love having clothes that match and complement each other and so often you just can’t find it. Color trends change but my color choices don’t always equal the trends. I love color and sometimes I want yellow, sometimes I feel more like teal, orange or pink. It is great to know that I can have whatever color I want and I don’t have to have fashion dictate my choices.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

Then of course are the feel-good reasons.


Sebastopol Yarn Store

The Beauty of Lace Weight Yarn

Does Lace weight yarn scare you? Don’t let it. I wrote about this a long time ago but it doesn’t hurt to refresh it. We have some fantastic lace weight yarn in the store. The yardage is amazing and most really good value for the money. If you would like to have something super fine and light use one strand. If you would like something warm and snuggly but not heavy, you can use two, three, four or more strands held together.

The loft is then truly amazing. A whole different look than using a chunky or bulky yarn. And using different color strands can also add interest. Mixing a solid with a hand paint or variegated can also have an entirely different effect. Mixing two variegated together though can cause a muddy effect so, be careful with this one.


Choosing Project Colors

Sebastopol Yarn ShopSonoma County Knitting ClassesTalking about colors leads me to my next topic. Choosing the right color for a project. Are you someone who sees something, a pattern or design and just must have it look exactly the same? Have you ever thought that the color on the pattern may not be the color that would be good for you, or are you the type that only looks for patterns in the colors that you like? That can be extremely limiting. Perhaps it would be better to see patterns in shades of grey. Then you can let your imagination put a color to it.

Sometimes patterns that are worked up in black do not do justice to the item. You can’t always see the detail in black, cables don’t stand out the same way and they are very difficult to photograph. Solid colors do however make the designs pop.


Sonoma County Knitting ClassesLikewise, on hand paints and variegated yarn too much detail is just wasted as it gets lost in the mix. Sometimes that kind of yarn is just best in very simple stitches, the yarn will do everything else. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

One of our regulars came in the other day with a dress she was making for a little girl. It was being knitted in three different colors. Lesley was there and she said, “that looks great, I would never of thought of putting those colors together, but it works really well”. Try playing with some left overs. Its fun.

Well I think that is enough for another week, so I will love you and leave you until next time. Don’t forget to keep checking out the classes. We have added some and are working on the rest, hopefully we will get it on the website soon, if not call us and tell us what you are looking for.


Take care, and be happy


Happy Valentine’s Day To You

Love Is In the Air

Good Morning, are you fighting fit and raring to go? I must admit even though I was trying to be so careful, I did succumb to a nasty cold. What a nuisance that was. Luckily the worst was over in a couple of days though. Now back to normal again.

Sebastopol Yarn Store

Well it’s that time of the year again, love is in the air. That would be a nice change to all the bad feelings that have been going around lately. Again, I feel very lucky that here in the shop most of the time it is love and happiness. Leave your worries at the door and just come in and have fun. I hope you are surrounded by love this week.

Sonoma County Yarn Store

I have a couple of things to tell you about this week. The Yarn tasting on Wednesday is sold out, you could call to get on a waitlist if you want to, just in case someone should drop out. If it continues to be popular, we can schedule one at another date.  Because of the tasting however there will be NO Wednesday social knitting. This is just for the Tasting; all will be back to normal next week. I will be sure to tell you how it all went too.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

Knitterati Updates

Have you joined in the Cascade Knitterati knit along yet? Apparently, it became so popular so quickly it took Cascade a bit by surprise. They ran out of some of the original colors. When they started, their shelves were stocked with the original five colors but suddenly they were empty.

They did come up with several different color choices all of them are really nice. I do have it on good authority though that the missing colors should be back in stock by the end of the month, as soon as they get theirs we will get ours. I have heard very positive comments on the squares so far, people say they are having lots of fun and learning new techniques too. It is never too late to join and if you need help we will be here for you.


I’m Still Planning the Year Ahead

Sonoma County Knitting ClasseesYou may or you may not know Lee Gant, she has been to the store before talking about her first book. Well she has now finished a wonderful pattern book for girls and young juniors. This book has been a labor of love for Lee and is due to be released in September. Something to look forward to. Here is a photo of the book along with a message from Lee. She has kindly agreed to do a trunk show as soon as the book is released.



Lee Gant

Knitting is Finding a New Generation

From Lee Gant, “Knitting is finding a new generation of enthusiasts. More and more kids of all ages are interested in knitting and creating their own special clothing and accessories.

Finally! A collection of knits for girls and teenagers that suits their relaxed, comfortable, style! From high-textured cabled ponchos and sweaters to stockinette tops and dresses to warm, comfy coats, these pieces all share a carefree style your girls will love.

Sized from 6 to young juniors 12, the patterns reach an often-missed generation of girls between toddler and adult. Yes, this age group can be tricky to please, so get them involved! Let them choose the pattern, the yarn, the fit (body-skimming or looser), and especially the color(s). Encourage them to personalize their design with the choices they make. Once exposed to the joy of creating a unique piece of hand-made clothing, they may even want to learn to knit for themselves!”

Keep your eyes peeled for information, as soon as I have a date, you will be the first to know.

St. Patrick’s Day is Coming

Sebastopol Yarn ShopWell next month brings St. Patrick’s Day, do you have something green to wear, if not we have plenty of green in the store to make yourself a little, or not so little project. Then following close behind, Easter, the time of year when we can all wear our pretty Easter colors, isn’t it funny how we associate different colors with different occasions. I am sure there is a story about that somewhere I need to be checking.


Still Time To Sign Up For Classes

Treat yourself to a class at Yarnitudes this winter, it’s fun and it gets you not thinking about all the rain and dreary weather.

Linda’s – Four seasons

Deirdre’s – Two at a time socks

Karen’s – Wool Felted Geode, I had some terrific ideas for this one.

My – Begin knitting class, you could make a St. Paddy’s day hat.

Lesley’s – Finishing classes

Karen’s – Felted Ballet slippers

Another Pandemonium hat from me

And just in time a not just for Easter basket from Karen


This Weeks’ Knitting Tip

Knitting HintsNow a knitting tip from Tamara. If you have ever had a large sequence cast on with circular needles, a cast on over 150 stitches and/or with a DK or lighter yarn, you know it can be a challenge when joining not to create a mobios. Our tip for you this week is how not to have that happen and to eliminate one stressor to fine knitting in the round. Dig out your clothes pins, yes clothes pins( pegs, Tamara, pegs), once you join the round make sure that all stitches are hanging uniformly down in the round and attach a clothes pin every few inches to keep your knitting in the round from becoming the dreaded mobios. I usually keep my clothes pins on for at least 5-6 rows to ensure that the weight of the piece is now keeping the knitting in it’s proper place. A funny solution, but if it keeps you from ripping out after knitting 2-3 rows on a cast on of over 250 stitches, you will love the hint of using clothes pins for the time it saves.


One More Free Valentine’s Pattern

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesWinter and rain gets you thinking of warm mugs of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. e are sharing a pattern this week for a cute mug warmer with a Valentine’s day twist:


Well I have given you plenty to think about again, so I will finish for this week, and wish you again a very Happy Valentine’s Day. See you next week ~ Trudy


Hand knits Sebastopol

Looking Forward To Spring

February Is Already Here

Good Morning, how are you this week?

February here already, time certainly marches on. We all know that February is the second month in the year, and has the shortest amount of days, but did you realize it Is the last month of Winter? You probably did, just me suddenly thinking about that. So much to look forward to, it won’t be long before spring is in the air. With all the rain, we have had the hills should be bright with greens, and the flowers should be in abundance.

Sonoma County Yarn Store

New Yarn & Wonderful Colors

Until then though we can still stave of the chills of winter with some wonderful new yarn and a fantastic array of colors. If you had fun making all the pink hats, perhaps now you could knit some green ones, for new beginnings and fresh starts, how about it. By the way we have restocked with the pink. By the end of the week we should be fully stocked for a while.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

When I saw the dog with the heart cowl, it gave me another idea. We could do some double knitting, with the hearts or leaves if you would rather, cowls or headbands, do you know anyone interested. I saw a young girl in Peet’s the other day and she had on a Double-Knit headband it was white with blue a blue design, we could start a whole new trend.   Did you know the Pantone color of the year this year is a fresh spring green?

Sonoma county Knitting Classes


Have you been following the Knitterati Anniversary from Cascade? We are at two squares now. The first one was knit in the round from the center out, it’s fun, new techniques, the second, is color work, great picture of the squirrels and leaves. We did get some longer Double pointed needles in, of course you can still use magic loop but if you fancy trying something different, knitting on longer DPNs might be the way to go. It is more fun than it looks, really. It is of course fun too, to see the different colors people are putting together. If you would like to join but can’t face sewing them together at the end, come on in and I will show you how to attach them as you go.

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesSonoma County Knitting Classes


2017 Yarn Tasting Event

We have had quite a lot of interest in the Yarn tasting coming up on the 15th February, but we still have a few tickets left, I think they may be gone by the end of week though. If we do sell out we can put you on a waitlist, you know how things go, someone may have to drop out.

We are excited about the tasting as we will be able to try yarn that we have previously not had in the store. Tickets are only $7 and the event is February 15 from 4:30-7pm and seating is limited to 15 people.


Beautiful New Yarn

Sonoma County yarn ShopSonoma County Yarn ShopSo much new yarn. I actually just finished a scarf with one new yarn. It’s called Melilla. It comprises of 45% silk, 35% merino wool and 20% nylon. It reminds me of Noro, but a very reasonable price. Also the colors are very pretty and they don’t have the wacky weird color thrown in that a lot of people took the time to actually cut out. It also doesn’t have the plant matter thrown in. The scarf I just finished was one skein, one row pattern, great simple project but it looks so nice. I am now making a hat with a ‘sister’ yarn if you will, called Tangier. This is 50% silk, 17% rayon, 17 % Acrylic and 16% cotton. Same great texture and weight which is a medium worsted, knitted on a size 8 needle. So it works up quickly. Come and check them out. It feels nice in your hand too.


Cascade certainly does produce some really great yarn and they keep the prices very reasonable too.


Knitting Tip of the Week

When buying a new pattern, and starting a new project, it is wise to first read the stitch pattern. Not the whole pattern. Of course, you need to know if it is something you can do, so you will need to check out the abbreviations, but these days they also list the pattern stitch. While I must admit, I don’t always do a gauge swatch, it really is a good idea to try the stitch pattern out on a small number of stitches to make sure you “get it” before starting in on the whole piece. This will prevent many hours of frustration as you move along on the multitude of stitches possibly needed for the garment. You will see how each stitch takes its place and it will help you to immediately notice any error you may make. It will also show you if a lifeline may be needed and if it is where it may need to be.


Knitting Is Awesome

You still have time to make something special for your Valentine, let me know if I can help. Along those lines we would like to share some knitting patterns for those who are young at heart or have a someone that they would like some sexy knits for: Knitting Is Awesome specializes in patterns that has young fashion appeal or for you if you enjoy fun fashions. These aren’t our usual free patterns, but a fun collection of knitting patterns to turn out some fun knit clothing.

Until next week then, stay happy, stay healthy and I will be back soon ~ Trudy

Berroco Folio and Fiora Digital Trunk Show!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Good morning.

I hope this finds you well.  Did you enjoy seeing all the Universal Trunk Show garments a few weeks back?  They sure are fun!  It was great to review the things we had in the store and get to see the details all over again.

Just a quick aside to remind you that we will be closed:

Monday, September 5th for Labor Day.

Today I have the Berroco Trunk Show garments to share with you.  We had 6 garments to show off and we just loved all of them!  We are happy to get any of these patterns for you in the store.

We just love the Folio yarn.  Half of these Berroco garments are made from.  It is composed of 65% superfine alpaca and 35% rayon.  It feels like cashmere it is so soft.  The rayon gives it the hint of shine that just makes this yarn glow.  With 219 yards per 50 grams it knits up to a DK weight on US5 needles.  It isn’t something we currently carry in the shop; but maybe someday.  Let us know if you are interested.

Fiora is a yarn we currently carry in the store.  We have seen quite a few people making summer and fall sweaters in this yarn.  We lovingly call this yarn Kitchen Sink yarn.  It is a blend of cotton, viscose, alpaca, and wool.  It is machine washable and we just love it!  It has 246 yards per 100 grams and knits up to a DK weight on US 5 needles.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Odora – Folio

Odora is a lovely garter and lace shawl that is knit from the top down.  The lace pattern is charted.  Folio makes this shawl feather light. It takes only 4 skeins of yarn.  If you like the pattern but don’t want to wait for a special order we can find you an alternative yarn to knit this with.  Mirasol’s Sulka Legato or Nuna would be a great alternative!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Lucerne  – Folio

Lucerne is also made of Folio and is a gorgeously simple circular shawl.  The lace makes a lovely pinwheel pattern.  You could even use the pattern to make a lap or baby blanket in a heavier yarn.  Berroco has this to say about the Lucerne pattern.  “Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s abstract paintings of shells, Lucerne is an easy-to-knit circular shawl that spirals from the center out.”

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Lantana – Fiora

Lantana is a beautifully simple yet elegant open front cardigan made out of Fiora.  It has raglan shaping and is constructed from the bottom up.  Isn’t the sleeve detail lovely?  There is just a hint of lace to keep it interesting!  This pattern has a wide range of sizes available so it is approachable for lots of people!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Rivea – Fiora

This cardigan works up like a knitted blazer.  Again it has just a hint of lace to make it interesting.  But it is simple enough to work up quickly.  The Fiora is just heavy enough to make it warm but light enough to make it an easy wear!


Oleander – Folio

“Oleander is a large, square shawl worked from the center out. It is knit in reverse stockinette and lace, which forms a star design.”  The lace pattern is reminiscent of paired leaves.  Simple and elegant like the rest of this collection.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Abatina – Folio

This tunic would be warm and light.  Perfect for our cool mornings.  The lace panel at the yoke is so fun and the garter body is simple and textured.  It is knit on lager needles so the fabric is open and drapey.  The side vents ensure you will move easily in this garment.

I hope you liked this collection.  We certainly did.  I love the simple designs. They really are wearable classics!

Until next time.

~ Lesley

Minor Interruptions, Major Yarn.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Well Hello again.

How does this lovely Monday find you?

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Did you visit the Apple fair?  Are you ready for back to school and for more time to yourself? The roads will be busier again.  We will have to avoid certain routes at certain times but hopefully we will have more time on your hands.

A quick note, We wanted you to know we still have some of the goodies bags left over from the Yarn Hop available for purchase.  Please pop in to get one!  They are great project bags with very cute artwork on them.  They cost is only $5 and $1 of that goes to the Redwood Food bank.  See aren’t they cute?


As you may know we had a little excitement at the shop last Monday night.  Unfortunately, an unknown person decided to take a late turn onto Lone pine from 116 North, was obviously going too fast and ended up in the front left side (facing) of the store.  No one was there at the time and as far as we know no one was injured.  We don’t know about the driver because they were able to get the vehicle towed away and left no note, apology, nothing, except a big mess for others to clear up.  Can you tell I am a little ticked off about the selfishness of this act?

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

It could have been much worse.  It happened late at night, as a witness spotted a tow truck taking away a green or dark colored Honda at 11.30pm reported to us.  We didn’t miss a beat though.  Lesley and I both rushed to the shop and were able to open the store at 10 am.  We were a little worse for wear at the time but open.  We managed to get things cleaned, tidied, and safe pretty quickly.  Things had to be moved to different locations but everything is still here.  The only thing damaged of ours was the electrical open sign.  Everything else was just jiggled about.  I wish the same could be said for the building.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

The left front of the store is not accessible at the moment and our Landlords are now in the process of getting that all put back together and will get it done as soon as possible.  It hasn’t interrupted business though and we are pleased to say that apart from that corner and a little rearranging – everything is business as usual.

So now on to happier things, things that help us keep sane in these situations and many others.  Yarn!  What would we do without it?

As Lesley promised last week I am going to tell you about some of our newer yarn.

Cascade 220 Superwash Effects

Cascade 220 Superwash Aran in Solids and Splatter

Bamboo Bloom from Universal with the Interrupted Cowl free pattern.

So first, Cascade. This is one of our favorite yarn companies.  They always have a good value and solid quality product.  We saw these additions to the collection and decided that we had to have some for you.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

220 Superwash Effects

Effects is in the same family as our most popular 220 Superwash® yarn.  It’s the same light worsted/DK weight as our old favorite composed of 100% Superwash Wool yarn with a subtle color changing variation that’s sure to please.  It is a natural fiber that is easy-care; meaning you can machine wash and dry it!  It’s great for all ages, and comes in a wide array of colors.  This is great for all things from accessories and kids items to blankets and quick sweaters, this is the perfect yarn!  The best part yet is that it coordinates perfectly with the 220 Superwash solids.  You have so many options when you start combining these yarns!


  • 100% Superwash Wool
  • Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz
  • Yardage: 220 yds / 200 m
  • Knitting Needle Size: US 6 – 7 / 4.0 – 4.5 mm
  • Knitting Gauge: 20 – 22 sts = 4″ (10 cm)
  • Crochet Hook Size: G / 4.25 mm (7 / 4.50 mm, H / 5.00 mm)
  • Crochet Gauge: 16 sc = 4″ (10 cm) (14 sc = 4″ (10 cm), 13 sc = 4″ (10 cm)

* Suggested gauge only. Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines.


size 3 size 4


Suggested Care:  Machine Wash. Tumble Dry Low.

Store your masterpiece carefully; it may one day be a timeless family heirloom.

Here is a link to Cascade’s free patterns for 220 Superwash Effects

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

220 Superwash Aran & 220 Superwash Aran Splatter –

This aran weight yarn is thicker than our traditional 220 Superwash® but not quite as thick as 128 Superwash making it a perfect in between weight.  Try this soft, impeccably plied yarn in big fisherman sweater projects, cowls, hats, mittens or any project that needs durable yet oh so soft 100% superwash merino wool. Splatter has added flecks of color.  It’s bursting with possibilities!  This yarn knits up perfectly for patterns calling for a worsted or heavy worsted weight yarn.


  • 100% Superwash Merino Wool
  • Weight: 100 g / 3.5 oz
  • Yardage: 150 yds / 137.5 m
  • Knitting Needle Size: US 8 – 9 / 5.0 – 5.5 mm
  • Knitting Gauge: 16 – 18 sts = 4″ (10 cm)
  • Crochet Hook Size:
  • Crochet Gauge:

* Suggested gauge only. Yarn weight is based on Craft Yarn Council guidelines.

size 4 



Suggested Care:  Machine Wash. Tumble Dry Low.

Store your masterpiece carefully; it may one day be a timeless family heirloom.

Again, more free patterns.

The above information was taken directly from their website.

We really think you will love this yarn as much as we do.


Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Bamboo Bloom –

Last but not least this week is Bamboo Bloom from Universal.

Just in time for the holidays and quick projects, this yarn is pure fun. It is thick and thin, matte and shiny.  Bamboo Bloom is a versatile yarn that makes even the simplest garment pop.

Skein Information:  154 Yards per 100 Grams

Yarn Composition:  Acrylic 8%, Wool 44%, Rayon from Bamboo 48%

Yarn Weight Information:  Bulky Chunky,

Needles & Hooks

Needles: 9.0, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0

Hooks: K-10.5, L-11, M/N-13

Suggested Care:  hand wash lay flat to dry, do not bleach, do not tumble dry.

One Skein makes a lovely cowl, a sample of which is on display in the store, free pattern with purchase.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

We have lots of great colors of the above yarns on hand and ready to go.  What a way to get a jump on those holiday knitting/crochet.  As always we have chosen wonderful yarn at very affordable prices.  You know our motto, if it isn’t good value and we wouldn’t like to knit with it, then we don’t carry it!

I hope that I have given you something to think about this week.  Get your hooks and needles raring to get into action with some of these lovely ideas.  If you want to see Lesley or need help with a CustomFit sweater before the big event, don’t waste too much time, she is at the stage that she could leave at any moment.

We wish you a wonderful, safe and happy week ahead, until next time, take care

~ Trudy


Just for You! Universal Yarns Digital Trunk Show.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Good morning!

How are you today?  Hopefully you had a lovely weekend.  I did.  Getting everything ready for our little one is such fun.  Family will be arriving soon to help out so just a few details to sort before then!

As promised I have a digital Universal Yarn Trunk Show for you today.  The garments were truly stunning.  We had a great time trying things on and seeing how different yarns work up.  We really enjoyed having Tammy from Universal with us during the hop to talk about the different garments.  As always stop by the store and we will be happy to get the patterns and yarn for you.  So without further ado, here it is!

Bamboo Pop

The first yarn we will discuss is Bamboo Pop.  We had 3 very different garments and it truly shows the versatility of the yarn.  Bamboo pop is a plied yarn composed of 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton with 292 yards/100 grams.  It comes in solids and variegated colors and we have most of the colors in stock.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Love Lace Tee – Bamboo Pop

This fun, summery top is available in a wide range of sizes and is made from the bottom up in pieces.  I’m sure it would be easy to convert to knitting in the round if you preferred.  The twisted stitches really make the lace pattern pop.  Speaking of lace, this is a simple lace repeat that you will have memorized in no time.  It takes just 4-7 balls of yarn.  You could have it finished in time to wear by late summer if you start now!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Staggered Shawl – Bamboo Pop

The Staggered shawl is a fun and modern twist on the traditional triangle shawl. Generously sized but not enormous,  the finished measurements are 24” deep and 64” at the wingtips.  The changing stripe colors are accomplished using intarsia.  Don’t know how?  Don’t worry; this is a simple project to learn intarsia on.  Still scared?  Stop by the shop or make an appointment and we will be happy to teach you!

 Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Dewdrops Tank (crochet) – Bamboo Pop

The Dewdrops tank is a cute and fun lace crochet project.  The pineapple pattern is worked in intarsia for the contrast panels.  Don’t let the bold color choices turn you off though.  I think this would be really fun knit in a solid color or with a coordinating variegated color for the contrast leaves.  It would make it subtle and fun!  Like the Love Lace Tee this one is worked flat and seamed.


Cotton Supreme

The next yarn we have for you today is Cotton Supreme in both Solids and Batik.  Both the Solids and the Batik have 180 yards/ 100 grams and they knit up to a worsted Weight.  This yarn is oh so soft and comes in a million colors!   We had two Trunk Show garments made from this yarn.  We also have two Shop Samples on display.  Stop by if you would like to check them out.

 unchained circles

Unchained Circles Vest (crochet) – Cotton Supreme Batik

This medallion style vest is crocheted in a fun lacey pattern and it is FREE!  It has several sizes available and would look great as pictured in the self striping batik colors or in the solids.  It is done on an H hook and would go very quickly!  There are so many fun projects to check out on Ravelry.  Go ahead and look, I’ll wait.

 Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Market Handbag – Cotton Supreme Batik

The Market Handbag is also knitted in Cotton Supreme Batik.  The simple sideways construction really shows off the changing colors of this yarn.  We don’t have this style of purse handles in stock right now, but we will happily order them for you if there is interest.  I think this bag would be so versatile.  It would be very simple to line it with a cotton fabric to reinforce it a bit!  Hmm, maybe we should get Madeline to teach a class!!!

 Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Jump for Joy Hoodie – Cotton Supreme Batik – Shop Sample

I just love this little Hoodie pattern.  It has a great size range from newborn all the way up to 8 years old!  The newborn size uses just 2 skeins of yarn.  What a great gift for the new little one in your life!  I may just have to make one myself.  This sample is available to see in the shop and the pattern is FREE!

Twisting Tee 

Twisting Tee – Cotton Supreme Solids – Shop Sample

The Twisting Tee is also a shop sample that we got from Universal.  It has an A-Line shape and with its generous length I think it would make a really cute tunic.  It calls to be knit flat and seamed but I’m sure we could figure it out for knitting in the round!  I love How Universal patterns have sizing from small through 3X.  It makes it so anyone has an opportunity to make their patterns.



The next yarn we have for you today is Flax by Fibra NaturaFlax is made of 100% linen with 137 yards/50 grams and knits up at a sport weight.  We just love the colors and how this yarn knits up.  The yarn can be stiff to knit with but after a couple of washes the fabric is just divine!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Gradiate Shawl – Flax

We talked last week about this great shawl.  It uses just 4 colors of this great yarn.  It could be done with any color family and would look stunning.  If only I had the time!!!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop 

Summer Poncho – Flax

The summer poncho uses a similar color palate to the gradiate shawl.  Knit on bigger needles it makes a nice open fabric that would be cool and breezy to wear.


Good Earth

We really love this yarn.  Good Earth by Fibra Natura is a blend of Cotton 53% and Linen 47%.  It knits up at a worsted weight gauge and has 170 yards/ 100g. It comes in solids, vairagated colors (multi), and spray dyed (Adorn).  The Adorn had a gradation to the color – how neat!

 Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Serpentine Tank – Good Earth

This fun and fast summer tank sports a cute turtle neck and would be useful as a sleeveless top or could be worn as a vest in cooler months.  It uses just 4-8 skeins of yarn and is worked on a size 8 needle.  Like Flax this yarn softens as it is washed; just like your favorite pair of jeans!  The simple cables in the FREE pattern would be a great way to learn a very addictive knitting technique.


Little Bird

The last yarn I have to share with you today is Little Bird.  It is composed of 100% acrylic but it doesn’tfeel like your grandma’s acrylic.  It almost feels like a smooth viscose or cotton in the skein and is soo soft to knit with.  There are 344 yards/ 100 grams on both the solids and the variegated colors of this yarn and it isn’t just for baby garments and blankets.  I know of more than one person making sweaters for themselves from this yarn.  It has great stitch definition and drapes nicely.  What a great combination.

 Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Picket Cardigan – Little Bird

This little sweater has great cables and sweet raglan lines.  It is available in 3month through 24 months sizes.  Perfect for a sweet little one and is suitable for either a girl or a boy.  This would also be a good first cables project.  If you need help learning a new technique, make sure to stop by or make an appointment.  We would be happy to show you how!


Well that is all we have for you from Universal.  There are lots of fun projects to inspire you.  If you have questions about any of the patterns or yarns just let us know.  We would be happy to show them to you!


Until next time.


Hopping along.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Well hello there,

How are you doing? Are you keeping up with the weather?  We have cold mornings, hot days, and cooler nights.  It’s a good job we have layers.  Did you know there are other parts of the country that have two wardrobes, or maybe more?  Mine is year round, is yours?  I tried it once, putting away my cold weather clothes or my warm weather clothes but I soon found I had to get them out again.

It is the same in the store.  In parts of the country they have their spring/summer and autumn/winter selections out.  At Yarnitudes we have it all out all the time.  Apart from here in Sonoma County so many people travel all over and you never know what you might want.  Of course we do have more selection of each at different times and we always try to keep up with the new things.

We have just stocked up on some really great cottons and cotton mixes.  They are really pretty, soft and some are unusual.  There are lots of wonderful colors too. They have to be seen to be believed and just you wait until you see how they all work together.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

To emphasize what I have just said, we have just got a large order in from Malabrigo, this time it is all wool.  Last time, not sure if you remember we had some of their wonderful silk too.  Talk about an all season fabric nothing works as well as silk to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool, not sure how it does that.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Also just arrived MadelineTosh in Prairie, DK, Vintage, and Pashimina, can we ask for more?

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Well it’s almost hop time, are you ready?  We almost are, we definitely will be by Friday night, he he!

Sonoma County Yarn Hop 2016

I have picked up the project bags, they are so CUTE and I will be stuffing away very soon.  I think you will be extremely happy with them.  Here is our list of activities for the weekend here at Yarnitudes.

Expect a quick note from us on Friday evening to let you know about the special deals we have in store for you during the Hop!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Saturday  – Shop Opens at 10am

The Berroco and Universal Yarns Trunk Shows will be on display both days and if you don’t get chance to look then, don’t worry.  We will have them for the whole week.

Chad will be here around 11 with the Cascade Yarn tasting.

Then we have our Free demos with Karen:

11-12 Needle felted bunny Demo

1-2 Crochet Flower Demo

3-4 Spinning Demo

Shop Closes at 5pm


Sunday – Shop Opens at 11am

More demos with Karen:

11-12 needle felted Hedgehog Demo

12.30 – 1.30 Crochet flower

2- 3 – Spinning

Tamara from Universal will be here from 12–3 to show off the Universal Trunk Show Garments and Yarn,  and to give a brief overview of Ravelry.  Pop in to ask her any questions.

Shop closes at 4pm

All  of the demos are free on a first come first served basis and as always space is limited.

All of these demos will be hands on and materials will be provided.  Of course as always space is limited to 6 participants for each session so plan ahead.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Don’t forget that on Monday we have the Ravelry Classes

Tamara will be back to give two classes on Ravelry.

11-12.30 Ravelry Basics  (SPACE AVAILABLE)

1-2.30 Advanced Ravelry (FULL)

These classes are free.  We already have people signed up for both so if you want to join in please call ASAP as space is limited and we only have a few spaces left.  The Advanced Ravelry Class is FULL.  If there is enough interest we can schedule this again the next time she is in town.  There is still space available in the Basics class.

If you are attending either of these sessions please remember your iPad, tablet or laptop and make sure you have your Ravelry account set up ahead of time.  If you need help with this we will be happy to help you before Friday.

Well have we got you excited? I hope so.  We have been working very hard to make this an exceptional Hop and a spectacular July.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Until next time, take care and Happy Yarning!!

~ Trudy



What a busy Month!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Hi, I’m home!!!

Well I have been back a week now.  Oh how time flies.  I think I am getting back to normal, well my normal anyway. Yes, I knew what you were thinking.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

It was a busy three weeks and I will get around to telling you more about that at a later date.  We have so much coming up that I need to fill you in on now that it will have to wait.

Sonoma County Yarn Hop

What a busy month July will be.  I know Lesley has been keeping you up to date, thank you Lesley, Again.  We have really been working on making this year’s Yarn Hop the best yet.  Along with yarn, lots and lots of great yarn, we will have our usual demonstrations with Karen of Royale Hare.  Spinning and felting and crochet oh my.  Because we are holding the hop over two days this year you will be able to take advantage of these since there is more time.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

On Saturday, Chad from Cascade will be back with samples of their yarn for you to taste.  We hope he will show you what’s new for the fall and winter seasons.  We have a couple of new yarns coming from Cascade. This is your chance to try them out.  We had fun with him last year and know you did too.  What a nice guy.  I wish I had his energy.

We will also have some nibbles and Prizes, of course there will be Prizes.  Along with the grand prize – each shop will have their own grand prize this year – we will be having hourly drawings. Don’t forget to put your name in before you check out.

There will be specials and deals to be found.  Each store will do their own thing so make sure you check them all out.  When you have your passport completed make sure to drop it at the last store or store of your choice for a chance to win their grand prize.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Something new that Yarnitudes is doing this year is – Ravelry!  Many of you have heard all about it, some haven’t.  But do you know all the things you can do on it.  Well Tammy from Universal will be here in the shop to tell you and show you how to make it work for you.  Have yarn at home you don’t know what to do with?  See how Ravelry can find you just the right project. Tammy will be in the store on Sunday to show you some of the basics and for those who have a bit of an idea but would like to know more, she will come back on Monday to show you further tips and tricks.  This is taking Ravelry to the next level.  For the Ravelry sessions, PLEASE call or email us and sign up.  You must let us know if you are interested as space will definitely be limited.  Oh and bring your IPad or tablet with you. You will wonder what you did without it.  Follow the links below for details and homework.

There is no fee for these classes.

What a deal!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


OK leading up to and after the Yarn Hop we will have trunk shows from both Berocco and Universal Yarns.  From Berocco we will have items made from Fiora and Folio.  From Universal we will have garments in several summer weight yarns.  These garments are made in Flax, Good Earth, Cotton Supreme and Bamboo Pop. Come in and get inspired.  It’s not too late to whip up a quick warm weather favorite!

Next Monday the 11th  from 5-7pm Karen will host her Monday evening Spin, knit, crochet, yarn evening.  Please come and join her, she is a wealth of information.

Sonoma COunty Yarn Shop

And don’t forget our annual Sheep Shearing on Saturday, July 16th.  Come by to see exactly where the wool comes from and how it goes from Sheep to Shawl – sweater, gloves, hats etc.  Sergeant Speckles will be making his once a year appearance.  He is such a good boy.  I bet he will be happy to get rid of his coat if the temperatures rise again.  We always have a fun time with this and Paul our shearer will answer questions on the shearing process.

Well I am sure I have forgotten something, my mind is like Swiss cheese as Lesley puts it, full of holes.  But check our Facebook page for last minute updates.  Like I said this is going to be a busy month.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Happy Yarning ~ Trudy

Yarnitudes Classes!
Classes this week:
Classes next week
Social Spinning
Second Monday of the month 5:00-7:00pm
Thursday afternoons 1:00-4:00pm
Social Knit/Crochet:
Wednesday evenings 4:00-7:00pm
Friday afternoons 3:00-5:00pm
All future and previous class details are available on our website, click here.
To sign up for a class please reply to this email, call us at the shop 707-827-3618, or contact us.  Please sign up early! We now require pre-payment for all classes. Classes with fewer than two attendees will have to be canceled and a refund will be issued.

As always – to allow us to continue classes and maintain the low cost, please purchase your materials here in the store. Thank you

Hop, Hop, Hippity Hop. It’s a Yarn Hop!

Sonoma County Yarn Hop

Good Morning!

Remember how Trudy asked you to save the date on July 23 & 24?  Well you probably guessed it right.  The Sonoma County Yarn Hop is just a month away!  We’ve changed things up a bit this year though so make sure to get all the details.  The Hop will be a two day all weekend event over the four shops.  This gives you a bit more time to make it all the way around.


Saturday July 23, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday July 24, 11 am – 4:00 pm


Yarnitudes, Knitterly, Purls of Joy, Cast Away and Folk


How it works:

This year you will need to purchase your punch card and goodie bag (full of great stuff) from one of the shops.  Never fear there are plenty to go around.  The price is just $5 with $1 of that going to the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

Travel to each store, get your card punched, shop for great deals and see what each store has to offer.  Some stores will have demos, special sales, snacks, raffle prizes, and who knows what all else!

Each store will have a grand prize to give away in addition to raffle prizes, so make sure to drop your card off at one of the shops when you have received all four punches.

You know Yarnitudes always has some extra special stuff going on during the hop.

In addition to the grand prize we are offering, Yarnitudes will be raffling off special prizes on the hour.  Make sure you put your name in the pot when you are here.

We will continue our tradition of free demos with Karen of Royale Hare.  She will show you how to spin on a drop spindle, needle felt a bunny (how perfect for a Yarn Hop), and she will even be teaching a mini how to crochet class!  How fun.

Chad from Cascade yarns will be visiting us again to do a Yarn Tasting with several of our favorite yarns form Cascade.  If you’ve never tried to knit with one of their yarns this is the perfect chance to take a new yarn out for a spin!  We have Knitter’s Pride needles and crochet hooks for you to try out too!

We have Tammy from Universal yarns visiting us to show off some great summery garments from the Universal Yarns line.  We have selected garments knit and crochet from the yarns we carry so that you can see how these great yarns work up.  We will have the Universal Trunk show for 2 whole weeks starting with the Yarn Hop weekend. Make sure to check it out.  Tammy will be available for Ravelry Q & A during the hop and she has also agreed to teach a beginning and an advanced Ravelry Class for you on Monday July 25.  Stay tuned for details and make sure to email me with any special requests of questions.

We will also be hosting a Trunk show from Berroco during the Yarn Hop.  You can see garments knit up in Fiora and Folio, two great multi fiber yarn blends.  The garments are gorgeous.  What a great opportunity to get inspired!  Think it is too busy during the hop to appreciate them fully?  Come back and see us during the week, We will have them on display until the end of the month.

We plan to have special sales and markdowns especially for the hop.  You will have to stop in to see what they are though.

I think that is all I have about the hop for you today.

Here are the shops, their addresses and all the pertinent details so you can plan your route.  As always, try to carpool with some friends.  It isn’t just more fun that way, you will have an easier time parking!



3598 Gravenstien Hwy. So

Sebastopol, CA 95403




1 Fourth St.

Petaluma, CA 94952


Purls of Joy


461 Healdsburg Ave.

Healdsburg, CA 95448


Cast Away and Folk


100 Fourth St.

(enter on Wilson St.)

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Sonoma County Yarn Hop