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Celebrating Christmas & Knitting Tips

A Special Time of Year

Good Morning, how are you?

Wow only two weeks to go now before Christmas, in fact two weeks today and we will be opening our presents and preparing another holiday feast. I am not over the last one yet.

Trevor will be home on Wednesday and we can start getting down to decorating the house and getting those last-minute things taken care of. I don’t know about you but I love putting up the decorations and absolutely hate putting them all away. Each year I try not to put so many out, but you know how it is.  Just one more here and one more there. A little at a time and before I know it over time I have as many as always. Then it all must go away, but this time it needs to be done in one go. Has that happened to you?

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Sonoma County Yarn ShopChristmas Traditions

Do you have Christmas traditions? We like to go to a carol service on Christmas Eve if possible. I hear from a lot of people that they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve and that is when they have their big dinner.

We have always exchanged ours and had our meal on Christmas day itself. It would be good to hear from you if you have a special custom.


Your Gift Wishlist

Sebastopol Knitting GiftsSonoma County Knitting GiftsI have been telling you about all the things you can make as gifts, now I have been busy selecting things that you might like to have as a gift for yourself. Or to give to a knitter friend.

From needle and crochet sets, bags, we have new Atenti bags, they are gorgeous, I want one myself but can’t decide which one I like best. Cases for your needles and hooks, boxes for your notions. Perfect for the Yarnie on the go. Everything you could want in its own unique travel pack. Books, of course books. And now kits to knit and crochet in popular shades and projects. It has been fun putting together things I know you will love.
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Recently I was asked if I could make some sheep decorations for Mauritson Winery. Well I did and they have been delivered. Don’t they look great on the Vine tree?

Lesley thought you might like one or two for your own tree so she and Olivia have been working on some for us to sell in the store, check them out on your next visit.







We have been working on classes for next year. There have been lots of special requests and we are working to fulfill as many of them as possible.

Last week I mentioned in the tips and tricks section about finishing. So, we are putting together a class on finishing. It may be just one class or it could be a two-part class. Let us know your preferences. There is quite a bit to cover. Blocking, seaming, inserting sleeves, depending on the project that is. Do you have a project or two that are done but not put  together?

Sonoma County Knitting Classes


Unfinished Projects-We Have the Answers

Don’t let it sit in a bag or basket any longer, all that work you have already completed don’t let it go unfinished. It isn’t as bad as you may think. Are you afraid it won’t look right, we can show you the steps that can make the finished garment very professional. Even if the sleeves are too long, too short etc. there are ways to fix them, really.

Just recently someone came in with a completely finished sweater that she absolutely adored apart from the sleeves. She felt they were too short, too tight and not the shape she wanted.

As the sleeves had been knitted from the wrist up she thought that she would have to tear the whole thing apart. Imagine her joy when I showed her how to take the bottom from the sleeves leaving the top in place. Now she can undo them from just below the elbow and re knit them the way she wants to. A sweater saved without having to rip it all out and start again. As you know our classes are kept really small so that you get the attention you need to learn. So if there is something you are interested in doing let us know. There are probably at least a few other people out there that want to learn the same thing, or have the same questions. Be sure to always sign up early though.

Free pattern this week is shown at the top of the page, a beautiful Christmas skirt to knit: We have The Second Treasury of Knitting at the store for the pattern and then you follow the rest of the pattern at the link above.


Be sure to check out our website next week for the new classes for 2017.

Until then take care and happy yarning!