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Sonoma County CustomFit

Good morning,

Today I have a few questions for you.  Have you ever made a sweater that just didn’t fit right?  Are you tired of altering patterns so they fit you? Do you want a sweater that has all the right stuff?  Have you just never knit a sweater because you don’t want all those things to happen to you?  Well we have some exciting news for you and now we can help you get exactly what you want that fits you like a dream!  Yarnitudes is now a CustomFit Local Yarn Store.  That’s right; CustomFit sweaters from Amy Herzog Design are here!  That means we are prepared to help you design and fit your very own CustomFit Sweater.

Sweater knitting has never been so easy.  CustomFit lets you use any yarn you want, for any of our [CustomFit] designs, and creates a pattern to your choices.”

But why make a sweater using CustomFit when there are so many other pattern choices out there?  Well let me tell you.  Sometimes sweaters just don’t fit right when you make them as designed. You know I have knit a sweater or two.  And yes even I make bad choices or I don’t get it exactly right. I’ve even ripped out a whole sweater that was just not working and have re-knit things because they were never going to fit.  I have three sweaters in my closet right now that I never wear because they just don’t fit.  I can’t bear to rip them out or give them away.  So they just sit there!  But no more!

Check out this great vest I made using CustomFit.  I just love it!

Sonoma County CustomFit

Trudy is making a more advanced CustomFit sweater recipe that overlays a cable stitches on a CustomFit pattern!  Wow! Gorgeous!

Sonoma County CustomFit

Here is Deirdre modeling one of her CustomFit creations.  Doesn’t she look happy with the outcome?

Sonoma County CustomFIt

Sonoma County CustomFIt

Please let us help you.  We want to give you the tools to not only knit a sweater that fits, but to teach to the skills you need to know to complete it.  Sweater knitting is not that hard.  After all, we all knit one stitch at a time.  It is really gratifying to make something that you can wear.  I get compliments on mine all the time!  So join us!

Yarnitudes will be hosting CustomFit sweater knit-a-long starting in January.  To better serve you, we will be having workshops before the knit-a-long starts.  There are two sessions in this workshop series and you will need to attend both workshops to get a pattern that is ready to knit.

We have several dates available for the workshops.  Please choose one that works for your schedule.  If you absolutely cannot make one of the workshops, we can make one on one appointments.

Please choose one 2-class session to attend:

Tues. Jan. 5 & 12, 5:30-7:00pm &
Thurs. Jan. 7 & 14, 5:30-7:00pm
Fri. Jan. 8 & 15, 9:00-10:30am
Fri. Jan. 8 &15, 11:00am-12:30pm
Sun. Jan. 10 & 17, 4:30-6:00pm

There is a onetime fee of $25 for measuring and pattern generation.  We will give you a voucher for $15 off your sweater yarn purchase at the time of the workshop.  CustomFit patterns cost between $10 and $12.50.

Once you have completed the workshop series you are ready to start your sweater.  We will be happy to sit and knit with you while you make your sweater.  We have two weekly sit and knit sessions.  Yarnitudes Sit and Knit happens on Wednesday nights and Friday afternoons.  As always, if you have a quick question we are happy to help as time allows during the day.  If you need more help on your sweater we will hold CustomFit drop-in help sessions twice a week for $10/hour.  We have not yet scheduled a formal sweater knitting class.  If there is enough interest, we will try to schedule formal classes.  Please let us know if you want a sit down lesson for sweater knitting and we will try to schedule something that works for everyone.

Here is what Amy has to say about local stores and what we can bring you in the sweater knitting process:

“The Local Yarn Stores are our torch bearers. They’re the place where you can learn what separates a good sweater fabric from a bad sweater fabric. And why mattress stitch is the way to go, for seams. How to swatch properly. How to pick up stitches and set in a zipper and make sure your folded hem doesn’t flip up when you wear it. They’re the ones who can teach you about craft.

CustomFit can give you a pattern. But your Local Yarn Store can teach you how to knit a sweater. And so it seemed only natural to combine the two. CustomFit is now available in an ever-growing list of stores. Their classes & collective expertise can help you on your crafting journey, and help your sweaters change your life.”

Please join Yarnitudes in our CustomFit journey!

Workshop Day 1: In this workshop we will discuss good sweater yarn, good sweater fabric, and take your measurements.  We will discuss how to swatch and why it is important to swatch. Here we are not swatching “to get gauge,” but rather to get good sweater fabric that will wear well and that we like on a large scale.  By doing this we are taking our stitch pattern and edging choices out for a test drive!  After this workshop, you will go home with a skein of yarn to swatch with.  Once we have a fabric we like then the magic happens.  CustomFit works with YOUR measurements and YOUR gauge to make a pattern that is just for YOU!

Before the second workshop you must complete a 6×6 swatch in stockinette stitch (and in pattern if applicable.)  Please take some time to view the Custom Fit Sweater patterns.  This will make your sweater pattern building session go much faster.  You can view the Custom Fit patterns at home on your computer by clicking here or in the shop where we have a design book for you to look through.  Remember, the options are all customize-able from body and sleeve length to edging choices and style.  If you don’t see what you want you can build your own sweater from scratch.  This option should only be used by experienced sweater knitters.

Day 2:  We will meet one week later to evaluate your swatch to see if you have good fabric.  We will then measure your gauge and generate your CustomFit sweater pattern for you in the store.  The great thing about the pattern design process is it will tell you how much yarn you need to knit your sweater.  Yeay! No more guesswork.

If you have any questions please stop by the store. we would be happy to help.