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Do You Love Knitting?

Do Colors & Textures Inspire You?

Good Morning, wow these Mondays come around faster and faster don’t they?, How are you today? Have you had a good week? Have you been inspired to pick up those hooks and needles?

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I find inspiration every day, someone just needs to invent more time though. It is so easy to be inspired when you are surrounded by colors and textures every day.

What inspires you?

Another question I get a lot of is what do you most like to teach?

It is always really great teaching people to knit and crochet for the first time. I just love seeing the light bulb go on and the excitement when they finish their very own project. As many know I keep my classes really small, this makes for a more intimate and less intimidating class. Everyone gets the same attention and encouragement.

I ask that too of my other instructors, I want everyone who leaves the shop after a class to feel that they really learned something. I think it is paying off. I see more and more knitters enjoying their new found hobby, stress reliever, and they love to knit every day.

In this first class I always start with the hat pattern, the same yarn, the same needles etc. unless someone has an allergy. In this class they learn about the yarn, the needles, gauge, how to read the labels casting on, I always teach the cable cast on to start, the knit stitch, how to join in the round, a little math, the use of markers and how to decrease. Once the hat it completed usually in a couple of weeks, I told you it was a fast and easy project, they are usually excited to make another and then another.


What’s Next in Learning to Knit?

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesSome people are ready to move on immediately, eager to learn the next step. The next class I teach is a cowl or simple fingerless gloves. With me scarves come later, when it is time to introduce different stitch patterns.

With the cowls and the fingerless gloves they are taught the purl stitch, much easier now since the knit stitch is fully mastered. Once you can knit and purl the rest is just combining them. It is my ambition to one day have knitted every stitch in the book possibly add a few more.



Sonoma County Knitting Classes Sonoma County Knititng ClassesSonoma County Knitting Classes Sonoma County Knitting Classes









Did you know how many there are?

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesOne of my beginning knitting student’s third project was a top down pullover. And Linda has graciously agreed to teach this very soon, it’s our new Top Down Cowl Class.

Check out all our classes and the new ones that have been added.


We have decided to reduce the amount of paper patterns we stock in the store, however we are keeping the pure and simple line because they are just that, pure and simple. Once you have these patterns down with the addition of one of those 1000 stitch patterns you can quickly change them up.

As always we have new yarn in the store and many, many suggestions of what to knit with them. Now is the time to at least plan your holiday knitting. Starting it too would be wise.

What is on your list of holiday knitting this year? Make a list and let us know how we can help you attain your goals.

Please send me any question you would like me to answer in future newsletters and I will do my best to answer them all.

Until next week then, take care, enjoy your yarn and I will be back before you know it