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Events & Road Trip

Come Meet Lee Gant

Lee GrantPlease don’t forget to come and meet Lee Gant this coming Saturday 30, from 1pm yo 4pm. Lee is so full of fun and energy. Her patterns are amazing and youthful. And her new book is beautiful. Come and check out some of the items featured in her book and the book itself. She may even share some tidbits from her new book that she has in the works. It is great having a local celebrity and one who so graciously agreed to come and share her ideas and her new book with you. Please come out and show your support.

11,000 Miles Flown, 2,200 Miles Driven & Loch Ness

Hi there, Good morning again.

Well what do you know? I made it back and in one piece, I am happy to report. I have flown over 11,000 miles, driven over 2200 miles and even been on a boat on Loch Ness. Apart from a little British weather, this being unpredictable, sun, rain, clouds and cold, everything went really well. I apologize for the delay in receiving the newsletter this week but getting caught up on everything has proven challenging.

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Mum’s 98th Birthday

Sebastopol Yarn StoreI consider myself extremely lucky to do the things I do and go to the places I go. It is a shame that there is so much trouble, hatred, anxiety and fear in the world. I cannot change any of that so as I always have, I do the best I can, I take every opportunity that is presented to me and make the most of it. Yes, I am extremely lucky.

The first thing we did when we arrived in the UK was go and visit my mum. It was approaching he 98th birthday. Wow, has she seen a lot of changes in her life. She was as usual, taking a nap.   I am sure if I am still around at that age, I will be napping a lot too. It wasn’t long though before she had her eyes open and smiling her lovely smile. We spent a couple of days with her, and helped her to celebrate her big day.

My brother arranged a small barbecue for her so we went and fetched her for the afternoon. It made a nice change to get her outside. After a couple of hours though she was tired and content to go back. It was lovely to spend time with her though. We would return to spend more time with her before we left to come home.


Northern Wales Next Stop

Road TripThen came the start of a very long road trip. Next day up early and off to our first stop, Northern Wales. Trevor is half Welsh and it is a beautiful country and we like to visit as often as possible. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t hear that wonderful welsh accent as much as I had hoped though. The part we visited this time was very close to Liverpool so we heard a lot of the Scouse accent. Not a bad accent just not Welsh. Below is a link to the scouse accent.,5753,-6353,00.html


As always, our eyes were peeled for yarn stores and anything yarn related. The first morning we went in search of a store in a little town not too far from where we were staying. I found out about it on Ravelry. They have a program now where you put in where you are and where you are going and it will point out stores along the way.


Woolen Mills and Yarn Shops

WooleryAs it was the weekend not every shop was open. We did find a woolen mill, it is still a working mill and we saw the biggest drum carders and weaving looms I have ever seen.

We found a tiny little shop in Keswick called Needles and Pins, it was as the ratings said, packed floor to ceiling with yarn. There wasn’t anything there that I couldn’t get at home but I wanted to support the little store so I bought some yarn I don’t stock.

While desperately seeking, a comfort stop, we found a little store that was a treasure trove of fiber and fiber arts. It was set in what used to be a train station, the station was retired and sold privately and is now the home and work place of a local family. It was called Dalmally Victorian Station, The shop part was Heartfelt by Liz, I did buy one skein of hand dyed local wool. It is a little on the rough side for me, I love to knit with soft yarn, but I will find a project for it.



Edinburgh & Scottish Yarn


In Scotland, I found another store in Edinburgh, it was quite a walk. Trevor was exploring the castle and it was a little time on my own. The store was called Ginger Twist. Now this really was a small store. I think if it was 10’ x 10’ I would have been surprised. The amount packed into this little space though was amazing. It was here that I found yarn I cannot get here. I bought a sweater’s worth. Not sure when I will be able to knit it up though. Ginger does hand dye yarn, a little like our Karen only solid colors not multis. I have a skein of her favorite color way, a shawl to be, perhaps.

Ginger Twist Studios

Family & More Travels

Back in England and on to visit Trevor’s brother for two nights. No yarn store there. My sister in Law used to run a little yarn and needlework shop but she sold that a few years ago and since then it has closed and is now a Café’. Another LYS has gone, it’s a shame but without support it happens.

Then back on to see mum. As it is a long way we split the journey and spent a night in the Cotswolds’ where we got to have dinner with my other brother. There were actually three yarn shops within a short distance from the village we were staying in. Two were typical English stores, sewing come knitting they had the basics, then another small store that had a lot of yarn, again most of which I could get here. The world certainly seems smaller these days with the internet. It was great seeing how all of them had a different vibe though. It was the last one though that I felt most at home, as I opened the door I was immediately greeted with “Hello”, I couldn’t see anyone but I was greeted immediately.


Some More Time with Mum

Sebastopol Yarn StoreSo, off to see mum, unfortunately she wasn’t doing very well this time, she had a chest infection which had really made her extremely confused. Of course, we didn’t know this was her problem at the time, but thankfully we were able to get the doctor out. He prescribed antibiotics for her and after a good dose and a good night’s sleep she was back to normal the next day.

Luckily, I could spend the next two days with her before leaving to come home. I left her in good spirits.




Back to Business

Sonoma County Knitting ClasssesSo now I’m back and back to business with a capital B. Lots of things are in progress. We are re-formatting our classes and class schedules. We have already moved a few things around in the store. We want it to be even more user friendly than it already was. We are all stocked up for the holiday and knitting season. Lots and lots of ideas. There is so much room to explore within knitting and crochet, there is no reason to ever get bored.

One more thing before I go for this time. I did get a fair amount of knitting done while I was on the road. I started a cardigan and a sweater for myself. I just have the bind off the hem to do and the front bands of the cardigan, so hopefully I will have the finished item to show you very soon. I am about halfway through the sweater, if I can catch a moment of two you may see me working on that in the store too.

OK enough for now, or you won’t be reading this week. Take care, enjoy your yarn and I hope to see you very soon.

Hugs Trudy