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Christmas Only 6 Days Away

Well this is it. Christmas is in 6 days. Is it time to sit back and start enjoying the holiday yet?

Are you ready? Are all your gifts wrapped, mailed, delivered? If not, you only have a little time left. I know, putting the pressure on, aren’t I?

Someone came in the shop last week, they had decided to put a great deal of pressure on themselves. Three scarves to knit and wrap in two weeks! Why do we do this to ourselves? Knitting is supposed to be relaxing, we are supposed to enjoy every stitch. I guess this isn’t the case for all. Perhaps it is just another way of taking one’s mind off everything else. It really is fun though to be able to craft something special for someone.


Christmas Planning for Next Year

An idea for next year though, spread the gift knitting out. Do a little something in between your other projects. I know a lot of people who do this. Even folk who don’t knit buy gifts throughout the year and have a place they keep the gifts tucked away until Christmas time. Not only does this spread the work load it spreads the cost too.

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A Head Start On Next Year

Perhaps while you are in the holiday mode get started on next year and have a head start. I know this doesn’t work for everything but the staples that never go out of style. Start a little earlier, do a little planning. I especially need to start working on that one. ‘Planning, what’s that????

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The Holidays Aren’t Always Jolly

I have heard of so many people that are having or who have had hospital stays about now. Going through health issues of one kind or another. Or Christmas time is not a happy time for them, this year Christmas may not be a “normal” one for them. They just want to get on with everything and are longing for things to get back to normal. If that is happening to you or one of your loved ones, you are probably tired and this time of year is an ordeal for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Many Thanks to Doctors & Nurses During the Holidays


A Big thank you to all the doctors nurses and carers who work at this time of year. Thank you all for being there for us.



I am not going to ramble on this week. I know that’s a relief, right? I would just like to wish you the very, very best of Holidays. Whichever way you celebrate, whoever you celebrate with, have a happy, healthy and peaceful time.

For those of you that read this far, a free collection of Christmas Knitting Patterns we found to share with you:


Stay tuned for news for New Year. We are busy planning.

Hugs to you and yours-Trudy