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Happy Holidays

The Best Intentions

Sonoma County Yarn StoreGood Morning, Well better late than never. I hope you are keeping healthy and happy. If not, I hope you will be very soon. I know I have been bad. I have been trying to get to this newsletter for ages. Best intentions and all that – what can I say, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


I remember when I was a child, yes, I can remember that far back, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast but I can remember when I was a child and waiting for a birthday, or Christmas, or even for the next week. It took sooooo long to arrive. My mum would tell me, don’t rush things, be patient. When you get older time will have a way of passing so very quickly. Did I believe it back then, no. Do I now, oh you bet I do.



2017 a Momentous Year for Many People

Sonoma County Yarn Store

Where has this year gone? So much has happened and I know from a lot of people that this year has been one of their worst. Well, it won’t be too much longer until we can welcome in 2018. I am one of the lucky ones I guess. I have truly been blessed. I have travelled to yet another new country. I have been able to visit my mum on several occasions and with the help of the internet talk to her almost weekly. My daughter has found her true calling in an emergency animal hospital. My husband has been able to spend more time at home with me. We sold our house of almost 12 years and moved into a rental so that we could take our time looking for our forever home.

Unfortunately, the people we sold to, lost it all in the big fire. I do feel bad for them, but they had a great attitude, apparently, they said “its OK, we didn’t have time to get used to it” We were able to help our good friends move into a rental near us while they decide what their plan for the future is. Our granddaughters are both happy and healthy. Although our youngest did have a bad car accident, no one was hurt. Yarnitudes is now in its 7th year and going stronger than ever. I have met so many new customers I can now call my friends. So, for me, I really am, as I said truly blessed.


Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2018

Sonoma County Yarn Store

I feel for all those who have not been so lucky. And my wish is for next year to be a great one for all. I am sure you will join me with that wish. I will continue to do all I can to make that a possibility. My wish is that at least everyone who enters Yarnitudes, leaves a little happier than when they arrived. We have a lot more to offer in the coming year. More beautiful yarn, more wonderful ideas as to what you can create with it. New things to learn with more and more classes and workshops. More friendly get togethers. Perhaps some more field trips, evenings of merriment away from the shop. Any ideas on this let me know.


Sweater Knitting Time

January and February are typically for sweater knitting. Madeline has made several sweaters, both summer and winter, that fit her perfectly. She has designed a program that will help you to do the same thing. It isn’t custom fit, it is her own take on the whole process. She has already shared this with some lucky students who are absolutely thrilled. She will be teaching this again in the coming months. Keep checking the website for details.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

Books & Yarn On Sale

We still have some books left at 75% off, help us get these to new homes, so that we may get some of the new and updated books on our shelves. 75% off is a steal and there are a great many super reference books which are both informational and entertaining, many for less than the cost of a pattern or magazine. We are also clearing out some lines of yarn, many are 50% off. They won’t last long at this price so come in and check out what is on offer. Perhaps you can get a head start on gift giving knitting for the new year.


Sonoma County Yarn StoreWell like you, I am sure there is still a multitude of things that I still need to take care of before 2017 comes to an end. So I will leave you now to enjoy and make the most of these final days of 2017 and I will be back with you in 2018.

I wish you a very merry holiday season and a wonderful, healthy and happy New year.

Love and hugs~Trudy