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Happy Labor Day

Well hello there,

I hope this finds you fit and well.

We are already into September, I hope you have a great Labor Day, a slightly different kind of labor than Lesley. Enjoy your family and friends, and your cottons and wools, oops, did I just say that. I am suffering from withdrawal. I haven’t had the chance to get on with any of my own knitting lately, and I NEED my Knit fix.

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Sebastopol GiftsSebastopol Gifts Once Labor Day is over it will be no time at all before we are getting ready for the holidays. I haven’t got over last year yet. Lots of ideas here at the shop we are continually looking for extra things for gift giving. Little gifts for your favorite knitting buddy. We have also started to carry a few earrings and possibly some bracelets, mugs etc. Please let me know what you think of this idea. We still have greeting cards too.



Sebastopol Yarn ShopI have had a couple of weeks off from writing the news letters, Lesley was taking care of them as she was winding down here at the shop. As you may know she is now on Maternity leave, Her new baby girl arrived on Tuesday 30th August at 6.37pm. Mum, Baby and Dad are all doing well and extremely happy.





Sonoma County yarn ShopThe shop has undergone the repairs needed after the unfortunate incident with the Honda. Still no word on who was driving the car but I do believe in Karma. I think you will find the shop looks even better than it did before. I have been working out in the back office too so when I have finished I hope I can find things easier too. Yeah that’s right if you know me you know that will never happen. But I will try.




Sonoma County Knitting ClassesYou may have noticed I am not teaching many classes at the moment and the ones I do are mostly after hours. What this means is that if you want to sign up for my classes please make sure you let me know ahead of time if you can’t make it. I know I have asked this before but it is even more important now as I either have to stay behind after hours or get someone in to cover the store while I am teaching during business hours.

The same really goes for all classes now as the teachers will be coming in especially for the classes, and there will definitely be a minimum of two needed per class. You know how much we love to show you knew things so please help us to help you. One quick note here, for Linda’s crochet stitch of the month class in September the date has been changed to Saturday 10th. Please call if you plan on coming.


Trudy MossYou may remember I said a couple of months ago that while I was traveling I was always looking for the latest fashions and ideas of what is going on in other parts of the world. Well here are some of the things I noticed:

  • White and cream everywhere,
  • Navy Blue is the new Black,
  • Stripes, blocks and splashes of bright color,
  • Bold colors, orange, fuchsia and gold.
  • Lots of lace, layered over Tees, leggings long and short.
  • Salmon was a very popular color and loose fitting garments were also a hit.


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With This Information the Sky Is the Limit!

Sonoma County Yarn ShopYou might not think so but just think of all the knitting possibilities here. The amount of colors and textures we have in the store are amazing. Find yourself a basic pattern and off you go. Swapping out stitches, doing a little color work. Voila you have all you could possibly need. You could design your own wardrobe. I will be here to help just ask. If you are not bothered by fashion but just want something that is comfy and will become your go to garment that will last a lifetime, you have the means for that too.


Sebastopol Knitting ClassesI get so excited by color and texture and the endless possibilities that come along with them. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my enthusiasm in check. Knitting and crochet is such a great gift. It is available to many and many don’t take advantage of it.

You can, grab it by the hooks and needles and start experimenting. All those odds and ends that you have from past projects, so much fun can be had with them.


Sonoma County Knitting Classes

These days with so much bad or unsettling news, take a stand, or seat as the case may be and show the world you can make yourself calm, confident, brave and relaxed by creating something of your very own.

Well it is time for me to leave you for this week, perhaps I still have time for a little knitting!!!


Have fun, take care and I wish you health and happiness always,

Until next time ~ Trudy