Hello October!

hello october


I hope you are enjoying a pleasant start to the month.  It has been interesting here in the shop; all the Fall and Winter knitters have been coming in.  So many are starting their holiday knitting.  How are you doing with yours?

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I am not sure if you remember that a while ago I mentioned that our landlord was going to give the building a face lift. I bet you thought I was making it up didn’t you?  If you have been in or passed here lately you may have noticed a lot of activity.

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They have replaced the siding on the Lone Pine side, and we have new steps too!  It has been a little noisy at times and somewhat frustrating losing phone and internet service on occasion.  BUT, it will be worth it! Right?  I have asked that the main color of the building stay red – the shade may change – but they have agreed to keep with the theme.  There will be some new accents and it should be really nice once it is completed.  Woo Hoo!

I have managed to finish my green cardigan, it is OK but I really should take my own advice.  The gauge isn’t quite what I wanted,so the fabric isn’t right.  But I wanted to knit it and didn’t want to take the time.  Live and learn.  Now I need to find something to wear it with.

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I am half way through a custom Christmas stocking.  Last year I was asked to replicate one for a family who’s Grandma had made them all matching ones.  As happens the family had grown and the latest member didn’t have one and that Grandma was no longer with them.  So I did that and when their other Grandmother came in to pick it up she told me there was a new family member on the way, so could I, once it arrived do another.

sonoma county yarn shop

Well Max arrived and now his stocking will be present along with the rest of the family in time for this year.  It is a fun idea to have a tradition like theirs.  Do you have a family tradition that involves knitting or crochet?

Lesley has a thanksgiving tradition involving knitted hats that started years ago.  A group of her friends get together each year to celebrate the holiday.  One year she was sitting with one of the women there who was knitting.  For whatever reason Lesley didn’t have her knitting with her. I know,  unheard of!  She borrowed some yarn and needles and by the time the turkey was ready, the host had a new hat.  Since then each year that host gets a new hat.  This year Lesley and her husband are hosting the feast.  Her contribution this year is that all the guests will get a hat!  Stop by the store to see the collection as it grows.  Only three are complete so far.  She better get a move on!  Here is the hat from 2014.  She knit it on the plane ride to Colorado!

sonoma county yarn shop

The yarn is Cascade 128 Superwash and the pattern is the Spiral Rib Hat by Song Palmese.  My daughter Laura has made many of these and we have the pattern in the shop.  It is great because it works with many yarn weights and gauges.

We have some new arrivals in the store.  We have an amazing selection of sock yarn that just keeps growing.

sonoma county yarn shop

You don’t have to make socks to use this yarn!  It makes wonderful shawls, lightweight scarves and sweaters, baby sweaters, and all sorts of other things.

For those who like the look of knitted socks though but don’t like making them – we know it’s not for everyone – we have some ready made socks in the shop.  They are a great deal too at only $14 per pair.  They are  wool and nylon for warmth and strength and have a touch of bamboo added for extra softness.  How decadent!

sonoma county yarn shop

The knit along is going really well we are happy to say, the count is now 11 or 12 it is so hard to keep track when we never see them all together!  If you decide you would like to join in let us know.  It is so much fun to see all the different colors of Svalbard’s growing. We have so many wonderful colors of yarn in sweater quantities available.  I wonder what a variegated one would look like?  So far no one has chosen anything but plain, not that the design needs anything else. But I’m sure it would be interesting.  There is still time to start so don’t be shy stop by and see us!

On an more somber note, I’d like to mention the Valley Fire.

valley fire

After being displaced by the Valley fire, our neighbors in Lake County will be rebuilding their lives and homes during the coming winter.  A group of Sonoma County Knitters have started knitting for their neighbors.  Our neighbors to the north will need warm hats, fingerless gloves, cowls, scarves, and socks.   It gets really cold up there.  Since they will be living in unusual circumstances, laundry will probably be done at a Laundromat so the yarn should be machine washable and dryable to keep these clothes wearable all winter.  Not all machine washable yarn is machine dryable so check the ball bands and please leave a note on the garment.

Yarnitudes is proud to be a Sonoma county drop off point.  We anticipate delivering these items as the cold weather approaches: third week of October, before Thanksgiving, and if we have enough sometime mid December.

Also as you know, knitting and crochet can be so very therapeutic.  Can you imagine losing all of your stash, needles hooks etc?  Well to give fellow crafters up there something to think about other than their loss and the daunting future some of our wonderful customers have offered to donate yarn from their stash, along with extra needles etc.  We have some to go from here too.  So if you would like to contribute to their mental health as well as helping to keep them warm. Please bring anything you would like to donate and we will make sure it gets to the actual people who would really appreciate these items.  We do have customers from Lake County and we know many people up there who would be able to do this for us.  It will not get dumped in with all of the other donations that are being put into storage at the moment, but put into immediate use.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and being a part of our Yarnitudes family