Honey, I’m Home! – The world traveler returns


Well Hi there,

I hope this finds you full of the joys of spring.

As you may know I have been travelling again.  My mum who is 96 soon to be 97 and still lives in the UK had a bit of a rough start this year with a bad chest infection.  Then, just as she was recovering from that, she had a fall and broke her wrist.  We were lucky enough to come across some bargain fares and we just couldn’t resist.  For the first half of this year we will be seeing her as often as possible.  Just one more trip to go!  I love traveling but it is hard to be away as well.  While I was away Lesley, Linda Karen and Susan did a great job of holding down the fort, thank you ladies. It was great to come home and know the shop was well taken care of.


While we were over in the UK we decided to take a side trip to Italy.  One of our Wednesday night knitters told me of a couple of stores that she had visited.  I managed to find one of them while I was there.  I am always looking for interesting products for the shop.  Try as I might I couldn’t find anything that I couldn’t get here in the US.  Of course I had to buy something that we don’t stock at the moment –  just what I need more yarn – but I wanted to support the local store.  While I was talking to her she showed me some of the items she had created and designed.  She used wonderful colors and all so very different.  There were jackets and sweaters for sale at around $300+.  I am glad she is able to get the money deserved for her work.


I did quite a lot of people watching and window browsing while I waited for Trevor to do his exploring.  It was interesting to see the clothing worn over there.  Europeans are so fashion forward.  It gave me some great ideas of things I would love to make.  I made a few sketches in a notebook.  Perhaps you will be seeing some new Yarnitudes designs in the future.  Lesley and I had some fun reverse engineering a retail sweater for a customer who wanted to copy it.  What fun and what a headache!  Maybe you will see us working on it sometime soon.  Now all I need is the time to make all the things I have dreamt up.  Ha-ha!


Of course I took my knitting with me everywhere as we traveled.  Don’t you?  I managed to finish a Wingspan shawl.  I made this from two balls of the Queensland Collection, Sunshine Coast.  This yarn is pretty new to the store and comes in wonderful colors.  It is composed of 70%wool and 30% bamboo.  It is really soft and luscious and so much fun to work with as you enjoy the changing colors.  I started with color #106 Fort Queenscliff  and then changed when that ball ended to #103 Wallace Battery.  I have no idea where they came up with the names but is obviously means something to someone.  Wouldn’t that be a job, yarn colorway namer!  Sunshine Coast comes in 10 color ways and we have six of those in the store.  Although I used two different multi colors it worked out really well.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

You can see it in person on display in the store.  It is always nice to see how the colors work knitted up isn’t it.

plaid dress

I also finished the back of the Girls Plaid Dress in Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  I am ready for the class on the 11th of May.  Will you join me?  I am now working on the front.  What fun to see the colors change as the colorwork appears.  There are so many interesting techniques in this dress including bobbles and colorwork.  I did shorten the length of mine by two inches as I personally like to see little girls in slightly shorter dresses.  I have another couple of little dresses on the needles and I am anxious to get to them too.


Lesley even has a couple she is working on.  This baby tunic made up of leftover yarn just finished up last week.  It must be spring with all this dress knitting going on!


I brought back another flock of sheep for the shop along with a couple of hedgehogs and a few bunnies.  If you have been waiting for them they are now available in the store.  Oh yes, of course there are more lamb baby slippers.  They are just too darned cute!

We are headed for a busy month ahead.  There are lots of classes and some special get togethers.  The yarn and needle tasting is coming up soon, don’t forget to sign up so you don’t miss out.  This is entirely complimentary; you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to try before you buy.  Several of the yarns you will get to try are new to the store or will be coming in this fall.

Also I am happy to say that this May will see the 5th, can you believe it 5th anniversary of Yarnitudes.  That’s right!  It was five years ago that I came up with our crazy name and opened the doors to a wonderful community of fiber – or as we Brits say fibre – enthusiasts. It has also been a year since I took on Balls and Skeins and gained my business partner Lesley.  My how time flies when you are having fun!

It has been a wonderful experience meeting all the folk from Balls and Skeins and welcoming you into our family.   We have also met so many wonderful new folks that have just happened by our little fiber haven.  Welcome, welcome everyone.  We have a lot in store for you, so stay tuned for news of anniversary specials, raffle drawings, and how about a little party?

Well I think I have rambled on enough for this week.  My eyes are getting tired, I must be getting old.  I haven’t got over the jet lag yet; it never used to bother me.

So I will leave you for now, hopefully I have whetted your appetite about some of the things to come.  Of course there is always more and we will tell you about them another day.  Make sure to check out the class list.  If there is something you’d like to learn, let us know we will get it scheduled!

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you very soon

Thanks ~ Trudy

keep calm

Dates to remember:

Ripple Camisole Knitalong with Madeline – Wednesdays May – June 6:00-7:00pm
(two patterns to choose from – join Madeline for a simple summer top to knit)

Stop by to enter for our Anniversary prize drawing – May 1 – 18
(no need to be present to win, enter every day as long as you stop by)

Monday night spinning group – May 9, 5:00-7:00pm
(every second Monday social spinning with help if you need it)

Yarn and Needle Tasting – Saturday, May 14, 2:00-4:00pm
please let us know if you would like to attend

Anniversary prizes drawn and handed out – May 18

Yarnitudes Closed – May 30
(Memorial Day)

Yarnitudes Classes!
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Felted Bag – Sat. 4/7 2:30-4:30
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