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monday sheep

Hello again,

Well do you believe it, January is already behind us.  With the new month comes a new day that Yarnitudes will be open.  We had so many people tell us in December how great it was that we were open on Mondays that we did some work and came up with a plan. Beginning today February 1st we will be open 7 days a week.  This should help all those who have a day off on Monday.  I hope you like and take advantage of this.  Our spinning instructor Karen has agreed to work Mondays for us.  She will also be able to fill in the odd day we can’t make it.  She is a wealth of information, not only spinning but knitting, crochet, felting, etc.  I hope you will stop in and see her and make her feel at home.

We had a great turn out for Lee Gant last Sunday and everyone had a good time listening to her stories, seeing how she comes up with the designs she does.  She teased us about her new book that will hopefully be out soon.  Thank you Lee.  We are looking forward to that new book, please remember to let us know when we can get one.  And by the way, good luck and keep up the good work.


I have it on good authority that my next flock of sheepies are now in quarantine and will be ready for transportation to the store in time for Easter.  They found a couple of new friends to bring with them,  a few bunnies.  Stay tuned for news on their progress.


Now is the time of year that we are meeting with our sales reps and seeing all the new summer lines.  Is there a yarn that you would really like to see us carry? We can’t promise we will be able get it but its good to know what you like. It is a little tough to think about summer just yet though with the cold and rain we have been having lately, we need it though right? As I am writing this and looking out the window today looks lovely, the sun is shining, a light breeze, still a little fog but it is still pretty chilly.

sheep sketch

Have you ever knitted something once and then loved it so much that you did it again and again and again, you just couldn’t wait to finish it so that you could make another one?  Well, thanks to Ravelry and daily messages from other sites I saw the Baa-ble hat.


I am not sure if I have told you this or not, if so I apologize.  I immediately started on one, I picked out just the right shade of green for the grass, blue for the sky, white for the sheep, with a little black accent.  Looked for something that would make the sheep fluffy.  I finished the first one and my hubby immediately put it on and said he would like one.  He has already worn it a lot and he doesn’t usually wear hats. Next, I decided to make one for a knitting friend who keeps sheep.  That’s two… Then I decided to teach a class on it, so had to make one more for the shop.  I was getting a little carried away at this point and forgot to change the colors at the right time and it wasn’t until I finished it that I realized that I actually had flying sheep, oops.  So now I had to make another one that was correct.  Are you counting?  That’s four already.

Clip art illustration of a cartoon sheep jumping over a fence.

Then I decided to do one slightly differently, a name on the back and only two sheep on the front.  It’s now done and I am not totally happy with the sheep but I will work on it.  Then last night I finished my sixth one.  This time it is burgundy and grey with all the sheep and a name too!  Of course I don’t think I am done yet, I have more ideas and more color combinations I would like to try.  Now guess what?  Today I saw one done with cats on it, where will this end?  I have other things I need to get on with, help!!!!!!

monday sheep2

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