Moving along after the hop.

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Hello, Good Morning,

Well, how are things today?  We are still getting our breath back.  Yes, the yarn hop is over for another year.  Were you able to attend?  We certainly had a great turn out.  It was so nice to see lots of familiar faces; some we hadn’t seen for a while and it was great to catch up.  We met so many new folks; some were from as far away as Colorado, Palo Alto, Sacramento and beyond to San Jose, San Francisco,  and the East Bay.  Word has certainly spread.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

We here at Yarnitudes gave away a total of 30 small prizes, the Grand Prize went to Lois and runner up prize to Tamar.  Tamar is a lovely young girl; she came in with her dad as mom wasn’t feeling very well that day.  Dad was a real trooper, so was her little brother.  They had visited all four stores and ours was her last stop on her way home.  You could see what a great time she had been having from the very large smile on her face.  Dad still seemed pretty happy too and her little brother was very content with his new friend the hand puppet.  Tamar is an avid knitter and has knitted herself an incredible collection of different animals, among other things.  I know her prize will be put to good use.

When I called Lois to tell her about her grand Prize, she was soooo happy. She told me that she had just been talking to a friend who had also won a door prize.  She said “I just told her I never win anything!  I can’t believe it”.  I could go on and on there are so many stories about the hop but I won’t.  Suffice it to say it was an amazing amount of fun.  Now to start planning for next year.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

I hope you had a chance to see all the lovely garments from Berroco and Universal Yarn.  We had to send the Trunk Shows off to their next stops, but we still have the patterns available to purchase and the yarn with which to knit them with available to you.  In case you missed out we will do a virtual trunk show for you in the next few weeks so stay tuned.  If you see something you would like to knit then stop by and we will get you all sorted!  Don’t worry, we will order yarn if we don’t have enough for your project and can pull up images of all the garments we had in the store.


Of the garments we had in we truly loved Universal’s Gradiate shawl.  This was a very popular garment.  It is lightweight and versatile, just perfect for our spring, summer, and fall weather.  It would be great knitted in a glitter yarn or Blue Heron for the holidays too, or in wool for the winter, yummy.  Check in next week for the rest of the Universal Trunk Show garments!

We were happy to move out quite a bit of our sale stuff.  But fear not, we still have some great deals on the clearance and sale yarn, although we made a lot of people happy with some real bargains, and are now down to one bookcase.  Thank you for helping us clear us some much-needed space!  There are still more great deals to be had.

The Ravelry classes were a big hit!  Both were full and people said how much knowledge they had gained.  If you are interested in finding out more about Ravelry just let us know, the amount of information stored on just one website is phenomenal.

Vintage Mary Jane Baby Booties Crochet Pattern 5

As you may know, if you have been reading these emails, it won’t be long now before we hear the patter of tiny feet here at the shop.  There are only four and a half weeks to go for Lesley’s little one.  Shhh, don’t tell Lesley, she’s still in denial.  So we are planning, for the time the new mum, sorry mom will be away from the shop.  Some things may take a little longer to get done, some days when you are used to seeing the two of us here there will only be me.  We just ask for your patience during this period and thank you for your understanding.  Karen and Linda will be taking over Thursdays and Sundays, so we will be just fine.  I guess it is only fair; I have had my time off this year.  Before we know it, Lesley will be back plus a little one.  This little bundle will have sooooo many grandma’s and aunties.


We are planning classes for the fall.  One exciting return class is going to be Karen’s Natural Dying Workshop for October.  To prepare for this class we require a little help from you.  It takes a lot of dried materials to make up a dye bath.  So if you can help us collect that would be great!  Even if you can’t take the workshop you can still help out.  Just start collecting, sorting. and drying plant materials as you do your summer yardwork.  here are some things that will work:
Tea – tan, brown

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus leaves – rusty orange

Barks – oaks, redwood, madrone…

Flowers – marigolds, dahlias, coreopsis…  snap off dead flowers (dead heading) I used to snap off all the flower heads once a week, place in a shallow cardboard to dry them

Rosemary trimmings

Oak galls – When Karen was studying natural dyes at SRJC they gathered oak galls on campus, they’re caused by an insect and aren’t good for the tree.

Walnut hulls

Fruit leaves – plum, peach, apple…
and tree barks

Queen Anne’s Lace – we have a tremendous amount of these this year along roads probably due to the rains – Remember, it is illegal to collect along roads

Dye stuffs can only be gathered on private property with permission from the owner (California state law)

IMPORTANT: leave as much as you gather, so there will be plants to gather next year

After collecting, place dye stuffs in shallow layers in boxes to dry.  You can pick up a few extra boxes next time you’re at Costco.

Make sure not to mix the different kinds of plant materials so we can get true colors.  Thank you in advance for your help wit this.  You can drop off fully dried plant stuffs on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays when Karen is in the shop.

Please let us know what you are collecting.  We will be able to plan better for the class if we know what is coming in.

Well for now, we are getting the store back to organized.   There are so many new and exciting things for you to learn.  We are restocking our favorites and making ready for some exciting new yarn.  We have new stuff headed our way for fall.  Stay tuned we will be telling you all about it in the coming weeks!

Until next time.


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