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How Is the New Year for You?

Good Morning,

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Sonoma County Yarn ShopHow are you faring today? Are you off to a good start? Well the beginning of our year got off to a reasonable start. Although I really was not inclined to leave my bed on New Year’s Day, things had to be done. It was time for the dreaded inventory.

Yes, the one day of the year, or in the past, couple of years, the days when we have to go through and count everything. Argghh, Anyway, Lesley recruited a whole bunch of friends, dragged her poor hubby in and we went to town. Lilly was there directing traffic. So, we picked up our clipboards, got into teams and begun. Throughout the day some left, some arrived, some bearing coffee, Dave went on a lunch run. A short break for lunch. I was lucky I got to count the yarn not all those fiddly little things, thank you!

After our clipboard was completed, it was time to start entering it all into the computer. This is a slow and tedious task. Lesley took over when her clip board was done. It was a very cold day although with the heater going full blast it did actually get to a reasonable temperature. But as I was sitting at the computer I started to feel a little chilly. Others were starting to say they were feeling the cold too. We thought someone had turned the heating down but no such luck the heater had stopped working.


Yarnies are Hardy

It was now about 6pm everything had been counted but a lot of work still to be done on that darned computer. Lesley said she and Dave would stay to finish it, so we all left them to it. Unfortunately, it became way too cold so they took it all home and finished it there. I think she said it was about 11.30 when she was finally done. Thank you! Thank you!

OK so back to the heater, or lack of it.

Sebastopol Knitting Classese


The Heater Saga

After multiple attempts by Dave to restart it Sunday night with no success, we needed to get it fixed. I made phone calls but no luck. Come Tuesday morning it was back to the shop. I was not very excited about the prospect of freezing so I bundled up warm, multiple layers, warm slippers and such. My hubby came with me to see if over the couple of days, the heater might suddenly cooperate but again no luck. After more phone calls, I finally said someone could come out on the 5th.

I decided it was a good time to keep busy by tidying up and putting away decorations etc., I got the vacuum out and started. I didn’t get too far when people started arriving. I was kept busy then, I kept apologizing for the cold, but surrounded by yarn they didn’t seem to mind, too much. A couple of people came in to knit, as they do, and even brought heaters and blankets. They stayed and knitted for a couple of hours. We are hardy folk us yarnies.

Ok so finally Wednesday morning, with the help of Spencer next door, we were able to get the heater fixed. Yay!!!! So I would say we are off to a good beginning. Inventory done, heater is fixed, vacuuming done, decorations away, and lots of more great yarn to go on the shelves.

I hope your year so far is free of hiccups, but if hiccups occur I hope they are small and overcome quickly.


Great New Classes-Knitted Slippers or Mukluks

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesLast week I started introducing our new classes. So here are a few more for you.

Knitted slippers/Mukluks – Can anyone have too many slippers? OK I guess not everyone is like me. I have slippers all over the house. They never seem to be where I am though. The first thing I do when I get home is find a pair to put on. These slippers re really cute. Available in children’s and adult sizes. Join Linda as she walks you through the stages of construction. Two Monday evenings from 5.30 – 7.30 and you will learn to make these wonderful cozy warmers for your feet, add a leather sole and you can take them outside too.

Can be knitted in a solid or variegated yarn. As long as you can cast on, knit, purl and bind off you can do this. You will learn how to increase, knit both back and forth and in the round and picking up stitches. Sign up quickly as classes are beginning soon. Also remember don’t wait until the last minute as if we have no confirmed students the class will be cancelled.


Baa-ble Hat Class

Back again by popular demand. Love making hats but you want to add a little something different?. How about this hat, great for the sheep lover in your world? This is a great way to introduce color work to your arsenal of talents. You will learn to use color to make designs in your work, how to follow the written instructions and how to work with charts. As long as you are comfortable with your knits and purls, casting on, binding off, recognizing your stitches and knitting in the round you can do this.

This hat is quite addicting once you have made one you will want to make more and more. The color possibilities are endless. I saw so many different combinations the last few times I taught this class. This will open up an amazing world of how to individualize your projects.


Felted Slipper Booties

OK, “not so many classes for crocheters “ is something I often hear; so here we have a great project for you. Have you ever felted before? If you can crochet and know your basic stitches this is for you. You will learn how to follow a pattern and add your sheep motif. Continuing the theme here, slippers and sheep, that is. Join Karen to crochet a pair of child’s or adult booties and felt them to fit. Again the sky is the limit with the color so come and pick yours. There are only two spaces left in this class so sign up quickly.


Felted Soaps

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesLesley will show you just how easy it is to felt soap. All you need for this class is two bars of soap. No prior knowledge of felting necessary. By the time you have taken this class you will be able to make any soap you like, into one of a kind boutique gift soap. Make some for yourself, have a bunch on hand for a last-minute gift idea. You can personalize the color and make up your own design. This is a party atmosphere class but you need to be ready to get a little damp, you might want to bring an apron or something to protect your clothing.

Although this class isn’t until February, sign up now to avoid disappointment.



Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sonoma County has been hit with an Arctic cold blast in the last few weeks and it looks as though it is continuing through January; great knitting weather. So who would know better about keeping warm in the winter, but our friends up North in Canada. We found some great FREE knitting patterns to warn you up this season:  Any of these patterns would look scrumptious in our new yarns.

Shelves Filling with New Yarn

If you are in need of more inspiration, come on in and check out all the love colors and textures of yarn we have been receiving almost daily. The shelves were getting a little thin after the holidays but we are refilling them fast.

So until next week then happy yarning, keep warm and dry and I look forward to seeing you very soon-Trudy

Featured photo credit: James Newman Gray