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New Yarn & Hugs All Around

A New Week

Good morning. I hope you are well keeping safe dry and away from difficulties.

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Happy Birthday Lesley & George

Happy Birthday George Washington, and happy birthday to Lesley, although not so many birthdays have passed for her. I know you will join me in wishing her the best of birthdays this year.

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Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesMonday, the beginning of another workweek. A fresh start, I like fresh starts, new beginnings. I like new beginnings too. It is like opening a new book, magazine, new item of clothing, new packet of cookies. Of course, it is great to start a new project too.

You know I was going to get to that, didn’t you? I really think I am driving myself mad though. I keep getting all this different wonderful yarn in and I want to knit with it all. I want to order it all. A couple of weeks ago, I told you we had to have a little move around to get it all in, guess what? I think I am going to have to move more. Was there something in the air back in October? I seem to have gone a little bonkers.

I think too that there wouldn’t be all the rain we have been having, must have been thinking sunshine and flowers or something because a lot of the yarn arriving now is cotton and linen. Great for our normal spring weather. There is no hurry though, spring will soon arrive followed by a lovely warm summer and fall and we will all be prepared. I am working on a green fresh start hat now.


Beautiful New Yarn

In the meantime, though there is still an abundance of lovely wool and alpaca to keep our fingers cozy. I just got in some truly amazing sock yarn. Merino wool with just enough of the man-made fiber to give your socks strength and your shawls drape. This yarn is from Manos

Del Uruguay, I just love saying that. It just rolls off the tongue. I also love the company and its philosophy. Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit social organization which, since 1968, has provided jobs for craftswomen living in Uruguay rural areas. They defend and promote Uruguayan identity, being part of the weave that constitutes the essence of their country, where culture and tradition are mixed in an exchange that is reflected in each one of their products.


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Eradicating Poverty Through Crafts



Manos Del UruguayManos Del UruguayThey are after a long evaluation process, as of 2009 a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and are 100% committed to Fair Trade. With this commitment, they continue their mission of eradicating poverty through sustainable economic growth, enabling craftspeople to improve the quality of their craft and life.

All this has happened due to a few women getting together, understanding the benefits of crafting and realizing that there were people in the rest of the world that would love to have the products they were making. “Women Power”, we can all do something great if we put our minds to it. Like little Thomas the tank engine, “I think I can, I know I can.” The craftswomen, are the owners of the company.

Each skein of yarn has a label that states where the yarn is from and which woman made it for you. You can check out more about them on line We have a little bio of three of the women on the wall by the yarn. The yarn I chose to start with is called Alegria. This is another word I like to say it just has a nice ring to it, just for you I looked up the meaning or one of them, this is the one I will go with and that is “Mexican Spanish alegría, from Spanish, happiness, gaiety, from alegre happy” That’s how it makes me feel anyway.

There are 34 semi solid colors and 35 space dyed. I have one (at least I did) of every color. It is soooooo so soft too. How about beginning a new project in one of them.

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2017 Yarn Hop Is Coming

We are meeting today to discuss this years’ Yarn Hop, yes there will be another and it will be July. We have so much fun every year when we do this. A lot of work goes into it but it’s worth it, we try to improve it each year too, so stay tuned for the exact dates to put on your calendar.

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Sheep Shearing-Yes or No?

I have a question, Do you think we should have the sheep shearing this year?

While I am asking questions, would you like to see a class on Double Knitting? and or Brioche? How about making a skirt? These are a few of the classes I have been thinking about, or perhaps there is a class you would really like to take but you haven’t seen one offered, please let us know, remember Yarnitudes is your yarn store, and we need to know what you want to see.


OK I think I am done for another week, so I will love and leave you for now and I will be back next time, Happy fingers ~ Trudy