Rainy Days!


Well hello there,

Oh what a lovely grey day!  It’s a good job we need the rain and we know how lovely it will be in a few weeks otherwise this weather would really be getting me down. It’s like being back in England.  Great knitting weather though.  Have you ever wondered how the UK and Scandinavian knitters got so good? Perhaps this kind of weather is the answer.

knit rain

Well let’s make the most of it.  Find a great book or pattern, pick out some lovely yarn (back in the day they didn’t have access to the great yarn we have now) and cozy up and create something beautiful.

Talking of lovely yarn; do I ever stop? We have just received three boxes of wonder from Malabrigo full of Sock, Arroyo, Rios, Mecha, and Chunky.  The shelves are full, or almost, as it goes out almost as soon as it arrives.  Such wonderful colors and textures and so luscious and easy to knit and crochet with.  The Malabrigo Chunky is my favorite go to yarn for beginners.  We have also replenished some Cascade, Universal and Berocco Ultra Alpaca will be arriving on Thursday. We are keeping the store nice and toasty for you so come on in and stay a while.

crochet rain

Saturday saw the first of the ‘Crochet Stitch of the Month’ class.  It was very well attended and some even signed up for the whole year.  We have been getting, I am very happy to report, more and more crocheters in the store lately.  It is always nice to see the different forms of yarn craft take shape. I have also been teaching more people to crochet lately.  It is so much fun to see people’s faces when after struggling for a short while things start falling into place.  Lets face it learning something new is never immediately easy.  With just a little commitment and perseverance though, and of course practice in the beginning it, is amazing what can be achieved.

Remember to check out this weeks classes, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday morning and afternoon and of course Sunday afternoon with Lee Gant.  Don’t miss out, give us a shout.  Sorry couldn’t resist that.

We hope you have a lovely if rainy week ahead, and as always thank you for reading this.

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