Spring Knitting Classes

Ready For Sun & New Cotton Yarn

I Need Sunshine!

Good Morning, did you think it would ever stop raining? Do You think the sun really will come out tomorrow? I am certainly over it now; you can have too much of a good thing.

I think I am growing webbed feet. I need sunshine!!!

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Yarn Hop Dates

That’s better I can feel the warmth coming through.

So, what’s new? Save the dates, Yarn hop this year July 22nd and 23rd, mark your calendars.   It looks like we probably won’t be sheering Sergeant Speckles at the shop this year as there hasn’t been much interest to date, of course that may change if I get an abundance of requests, but probably all those interested have already seen it.


Yarn Tasting Was Fun

Sonoma County Yarn StoreThe Yarn Tasting was a lot of fun. Crazy busy and Chad was in fine form as always. Lots of prizes and fun had by all.

We tasted 15 different yarns, some new, some old favorites. We may now have a few new favorites. For those who were unfortunate and missed the fun and games I am putting together some tasting packs and if there is something you would like to try in the meantime just let us know.

We also got to try out a nice range of Knitters Pride needles. Again if you have been thinking about new needles but are not sure what they are like, now is your chance.

People are just loving the Manos yarn, Allegria. If you haven’t already seen and touched it, you may want to do so soon before it is all gone.

As I hinted last week I have been stocking up on yarn for the summer ahead, we will have a summer. I have decided to get quite a selection of Ella Rae yarn this, year people are loving it. So many colors and textures.



Summer Yarns Are Arriving

As I hinted last week I have been stocking up on yarn for the summer ahead, we will have a summer. I have decided to get quite a selection of Ella Rae yarn this, year people are loving it. So many colors and textures.

We have 100% Egyptian cotton Phoenix solids and 100% cotton Phoenix DK in prints, great for summer wear for yourself or those young ones. Needle size for the prints is US 5 hook size F 5.5 sts to the inch. The solids call for 5- 6 needle, 5 to 5.5 sts to the inch hook size F-G. You can mix the solids and prints for that special one kind of effect. Great for warm weather clothing for the little ones and yourself.

Also, because I just couldn’t resist we have a full range of 100% cotton in Sun Kissed. These are beautiful colors, all tonal, just spectacular.

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A small sample, stunning, aren’t they? For the Sun kissed, needle size 5-7, 5.25 – 6 sts to the inch Hook Size F. Available in twelve colors.


More Cotton, Linens, Silks Are Here

Of course, we also have a lot more cottons, linen, silks, sugar, wool, you name it.

What is your favorite thing to knit or crochet? Is it socks, sweaters, shawls, baby clothes, or do you not have a preference it is just as the mood takes you? Did you know that there are almost as many stitches in a pair of socks as there are in some sweaters, it is just the size of the yarn and needles that differ?


Do I Prefer Knitting or Crochet?

I am often asked if I prefer to knit or crochet? my answer is it depends on what I am making. Likewise, I am asked what is easier? I recently found this comparison on Diffen.com.

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I am not sure I am in total agreement with all the answers. I feel that you can make the same items with both knitting and crochet. In my experience, there are only four stitches to learn in knitting, casting on, binding off, knit and purl. It is what you do with these that creates all the different stitch patterns. Well over 700 of them.

Likewise, with crochet, there is chain, slip stitch, single, half double, double, treble, and even quad, again it is what you do with these and how you combine them that make all the intricate designs. If you are interested in learning to do either let me know I will be scheduling classes in March. One thing that is common, crochet does take more yarn per project.

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Good Skills To Learn Both Crochet & Knitting

If you are in a position to learn both it really is a good idea as you can use both in the same project from time to time. In my opinion there is no wrong way to do either, as long as the result is how you want it to be, the way you get there is yours and yours alone. There is no (or at least there shouldn’t be) knitting or crochet police. If someone tells you that you are doing it wrong ignore them. My mum had a saying, didn’t like the content much but it does apply- “ there is more than one way to skin a rabbit”. Relax and enjoy whatever makes you happy.

Well, that’s all from me for another week, stay happy, stay healthy and keep those fingers busy.

Photo credit: Our featured image this week is from the Knit Picks blog.

Until next week then ~ Trudy