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Reorganizing Store & Lots of New Yarn

Wet Rainy Days Make for Great Knitting

Good Morning,

How are you today? Another wet week behind us, I hope you made it through OK.

Sonoma County Yarn Store

Well I didn’t have to think too hard about this week’s newsletter. So much to tell you about this week. Apart from all the full shelves, lack of pink yarn, and a newly published pattern on Ravelry that is.

Sonoma County Yarn Store

We Are Short On Pink Yarn

The lack of Pink yarn, as you may or may not know, there have been marches all over the country this past weekend. So many pink hats made we ran out of pink in many yarn lines. We also had to do a little reorganizing in certain parts of the store to accommodate some of our newer lines. I think you will enjoy the full shelves and the amazing colors and textures we have for you.


Beautiful Heart Hats

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesSebastopol Knitting ClassesTo start off, we have something exciting coming next month, apart from Valentine’s day that is. Perhaps I should just start with Valentine’s day. I have finished and knitted up two Heart hats, one is the same as last years, which got sold at Christmas, and one with small hearts.

I will be teaching a class on this at the beginning of the month so you can have yours finished in time for the 14th. They are simple hats that use just two colors, one for the main color and one for the hearts. A great hat to knit for an introduction to color work. It is great to play with color. Last year I made it in white with red hearts, this year I have it in white with pink hearts, although the color choices are endless, and it doesn’t just have to be for Valentines, any time you want to show your love for someone special will do.


Yarn Tasting is Coming Again

Then February we have an exciting “Yarn Tasting – February 15 from 4pm-7pm”.  This will be brought to us by Chad from Cascade yarns. Maybe you have met Chad in the past, he is a nice guy. He will be bringing with him a variety of their yarn, new and old favorites. So, If you have ever wondered how the yarn knits up, how it feels in your hand, how easy it is to work with etc. etc. This is your chance. This time will be a little different.

We have a limited amount of space-only 15 people can attend, so to make it fair, we have decided to sell tickets, that way we won’t have to disappoint some people who would love to attend only to find on the day, people just didn’t show up. The tickets are only $7, not expensive and the cost can be applied to any cascade purchase. What a deal! There will also be door prizes and a few snacks I am sure. Time to have fun with yarn. You will also be able to buy full bags of yarn that we don’t normally carry and perhaps encourage us to carry a few new lines.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


New Pattern on Ravelry

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesI have just published another pattern on Ravelry, this is my 5th that is available on there. I am noticing a theme in the color combinations, I think I should change that next time.

I have some other patterns in the works, I just need to get them printed edited and on line. If you have been in the shop recently you will have seen the original Badlands shawl and three of the other designs, I no longer have the Fish tail scarf on display in the shop though, however I do have the test knit of the Badlands in a lovely silver rayon that was knitted by Peggy to test the pattern out.

Just to make sure everyone can understand what I have written and that there were no errors. As always just by changing the yarn type will change the total overall look.


Class Updates

Also, we have been working on more classes and have some great ones coming up. I have been a bit stretched for time though so getting all the info together and on the website, is taking longer than I had hoped. However, this is what we have in store for you. As always details available in the store and will soon be online too. Thanks for your patience.


State of Classes at Present:

  • The Crochet stitch of the month is still on. Still room to join as some people can’t make it every month there is usually space, however please call ahead to let us know you are coming.
  • Although it was a requested that I teach the Baa Ble hat again, it is cancelled, I guess everyone who wanted to do the sheep hat has.
  • Crochet Sheep Booties Class full.
  • Pandamonium hat class Full
  • Finishing techniques is postponed due to lack of interest as of now
  • Knit fixes, although this is a much-requested class, as yet there are no sign ups
  • The Half Pi starts next month
  • Felted Clogs
  • Felted Soaps
  • Four Seasons Throw is questionable as no one has signed up, if no one does for February we will cancel this

Also coming soon, wet felted scarf with silk hankies, felted geode, Spinning A-Z, knitted and felted ballet slippers, and an adorable felted basket, just in time for Easter, although depending on the colors you choose would be a great addition any time of year.

Well with so much going on, I need to stop now and get working on it all. So, for now stay dry, warm and healthy and I will be back next week with more.

If you love the crow knitting, these are original postcards done in multimedia and available here:

Happy Yarning ~ Trudy