Spring has Sprung!

spring lamb

Hello again!

Are you enjoying our first day of spring?  It certainly doesn’t look much like spring today does it?  I have to keep reminding myself that we really do need the rain.  Thursday was such a beautiful day.  Due to all the rain we have had everywhere I looked was a lovely shade of green instead of the brown we have had to get used to over the last several years.  Or was that because it was St. Patty’s day?  All kidding aside though I do appreciate what the rain does for us.  We will soon be reaping the benefit with all the lovely colorful flowers.  And of course it’s great for our knitting time.


Only a week now until Easter is here.  I hope all your plans are coming together, if you have plans that is.  We would like to wish you a very happy and enjoyable holiday.  Just a little reminder the shop will be closed on Sunday, March 27.


Speaking of spring, we have been busy planning more spring classes. Some of them are a little different.  We hope you will like them.  As always you can check them all out on the website.

The Baa-ble hat has been so popular that we have added more classes, the class in April is already full but we have two different sessions coming up in May.  So far everyone has had so much fun with it and they are planning on more.  Once you get this technique down the sky is the limit.  Changing color combinations is just part of it – if you don’t want sheep you can put all sorts of other images instead.  There is even an adaptation of the chart with a pair of Border Collies sitting between the sheep!

The granny square class may seem a bit ordinary, however the granny square isn’t just a square any more.  Start with a circle or you can change the square to a hexagon or octagon.  I saw a lovely hippo made of different shapes; it is just precious.  There are so many possibilities from such a small beginning.

Sonoma COunty Yarn SHop

We are happy to say we have a lot of new knitters and crocheters joining our world and they are going gangbusters. Felting knitted objects are also becoming very popular again too; Madeline has been knitting up a storm of new projects so keep an eye open for more from her.  She is also starting a monthly project of the month knit along.  This will be held on Wednesdays afternoons.  Keep that in mind too!  We are certainly getting quite a community here.  If you can think of anything you would like to see or do please let us know.

You might also notice that we have moved a few things around, the kits are now much more noticeable and accessible.  We have more lights to knit by and more to come soon for those dark corners.  It is all pretty exciting.  I hope you can come and join in on our excitement really soon.

Thanks as always for reading and again we wish you a very happy Easter.

Until next week then ~ Trudy