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Surviving the Holidays with Friends & Yarn

Knitting & Friends During the Holidays

Good Morning,

How are things? Did you survive the Holiday? Is it diet time? Did you enjoy all your friends and family being around or did you manage to get some R & R away from holiday madness?

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The Joys of Friendship

Sonoma County Yarn ShopWe had a house full this year, 17 for dinner. We had to do some rearranging of furniture, changing our family room into a dining room and the dining room into a cozy sitting area. We managed with help from friends to seat everyone all facing each other. Two dining tables put together, both extended, two very large table cloths, and a whole lot of food and beverage. It is amazing what we can do when we all pull together.

We used to have large gatherings at Thanksgiving in Santa Rosa until about three years ago, when some of our very best friends had to move away to take care of an aging parent. The last three years were pretty quiet for us, just our own very close little family. But now the friends are back and it was a very joyous celebration. It is amazing to see everyone come together again after being spread far and wide for a few years. Last year we only hoped we could all get together again, now we are again.

We never know what might happen in the future, the best we can do though is carry on, always keep in touch, even if it isn’t as often as we would like. True and dear friends will always be there for us even if we don’t get to be together or talk as often as we would like. I am so thankful for my friends.


Gratitude Brings Happiness

I am thankful for so many things in my life. When I look back over my life so far, it has been truly amazing. There were times, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through another day. Now though, I realize in the grand scheme of things, they were such a very small percentage of days like that. I never gave up, and I hope I never will.


Surround Yourself with People That Believe in Your Dreams

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesThere were people who told me I was crazy to open a shop at ‘my age’. Some even said it wouldn’t work. There were several times I wondered about that myself, what had I been thinking?

I really had no idea what I was in for. That was then, this is now. Soon I will be celebrating six years. Six years of wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Six years of meeting wonderful people. Six years of wonderful stories, and six years of exciting new and improved skills.

I sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving was as good as mine and you have as many things to be thankful for.


Sebastopol Knitting ClassesKnitting Helps Destress Your Life

During the uncertain times, my knitting was a safety net. Helping me to keep my sanity, what sanity I had in the beginning that is. It still is my way of relaxing, a way of leaving the stress of the day. It also helps me enormously to remain calm when I am waiting for appointments etc. I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting.

Are you able to relax and destress when you are knitting or crocheting? If your answer is ‘no’ just give it time. Try something simple if you are stressing over a pattern. Try something more difficult if you are just not able to leave the stressful thoughts out of your mind for a while.

Let the rhythm of the hook or needles and the softness of the yarn envelope your world for just a little while, you will be so glad you did.



Connection & Stress Relief-A Story of Healing

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesJust recently I had a customer come into the store. I hadn’t seen her for a while. Actually, I hadn’t seen her since the day she was scheduled for a lesson and was told just before the class that her sister had stage four cancer. She was pretty upset back then as I am sure you will understand. She said she would like to make something for her sister, perhaps a prayer shawl.

So, we found some lovely soft wool and she left the store with a project in mind. That was some time ago. This time she came in though, she was happy, smiling she told me the good news. She told me of the effect knitting that shawl had on her. How she had prayed and thought of her sister the whole time she was making it. She then told me about as she put it, the Miracle. The prognosis for her sister was very good. The fact that she was in such good health otherwise and with new drugs it wasn’t the death sentence that she had feared. Doing something therapeutic had given her a sense of peace and calm and now hopefully her sister will be around a long time to appreciate and be surrounded by all the love that went into that shawl. I wish them both health and happiness.


More New Yarn Arrives


Sebastopol Yarn ShopSebastopol Yarn ShopWe have recently acquired some more yarn. Surprise, surprise ! Wonder colors, easy one and two skein projects. Many new free patterns with purchase. Check these out.

Put this together with a skein of solid color and watch the magic happen.


Last week there were a couple of patterns I showed you from Louisa Harding, made with Amitola Grande, we now have this in the store, along with Trenzar, Ella Rae, Lace merino Chunky, Juniper Moon Moonshine. We also have now received two more colors of Berroco Milefiori, one color in particular that I have been waiting for Viola, its amazing. The Sunset over the badlands is also ready for you to take away with yarn purchase.


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Next week—–how to fix those troubling knitting boo, boos.