Christmas Gifts & Knitting Tips

Tis the Season

Another good morning to you, I hope it’s been good for you. So much happening this time of year, my wish for you.

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Well, Thanksgiving is now behind us now for another year. The countdown to Christmas is now in full swing. How did you fair Black Friday? Did you score any good gifts?

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Of course, we still have some great ideas for gifts, last minute gifts for your friends and family or, after all the hard work you have been putting in, there is always something special here for you too. Our gift list has been growing, I need to go through them and make sure we have enough of what is wanted so as not to disappoint anyone. I can’t tell you how many people have been telling me how much their families love the fact that they can just come in and get everything that’s requested in the one place. It’s also fun because I get to see the people I have heard so much about over the years.

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Exclusive Yarnitude Knitting Kits

Sonoma County Knitting Kits

I am now finally able to offer the four Cashmere and Diamond Kits I think I mentioned a while ago. Yes, there are only four, so if you are interested you had better hurry in. The kit consists of a skein of beautiful Mountain Colors cashmere and silk, the pattern for the lovely neck warmer, along with beads if you want to add those. The Kit goes for $59.00 but for someone special it will be a gift they will treasure forever.


Sonoma County Knitting GiftsGifts for Yarn Lovers

We also have the Sheep earrings and bracelets; well some have sheep and others have a skein of yarn, prices start at $10. Very pretty, one young man just bought a set for his sister. We will also give you a nice little pouch to give them in. Talking of jewelry, we also have a few more pieces, earrings and necklaces, unrelated to the craft but very pretty all the same all very reasonable.

Mugs for knitters and crocheters, also a coaster to put it on, all yarn and friend related. Bags, needle and crochet sets, cases and organizers. There are so many things it’s hard to remember all of them, great stocking stuffers too. If you need any ideas we will be here to help with some suggestions too.

OK let’s forget about the gift giving for a minute, well sort of. This might help you when you are making things for others as well as for yourself.


Lifelines & Other Knitting Tips

Life lines. Have you heard of them? I must admit, when I first started knitting, I hadn’t heard of half of the things that are there to help you with your projects. Stitch markers were new to me too. When doing a lace project, you can use both of these.

The design will have a certain number of rows and a certain number of stitches. For example a simple basket stitch pattern may be knit four purl four, (I did say simple,) then after four rows you will change the knits to purls and purls to knit. So, to help you count placing a marker after every four stitches will help you track this. As for the rows, there are row counters. OK so that was a very simplistic example but let’s say you have a stitch with a twelve stitch repeat over 8 rows. Now it gets more difficult. Now those stitch and row markers really are a blessing. Having the markers will tell you immediately if you are doing it right or wrong.

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The life line. If you drop a stitch on a piece of garter stitch or stocking stitch it is quite easy to pick it up and work it up. However, in a complex pattern, not so much. This is where the life line lives up to its name. By placing a lifeline every few rows, when you know you have everything correct can save your sanity if not your life. How? Well, now you either TINK (knit spelled backwards, one stitch at a time) of you can FROG it ( rippit, rippit, just like the sound of frogs). Your life line will be there for you to catch all the correct stitches. When you use a life line, you should remember a couple of things;

1. If you have solid markers, not the open type, make sure you don’t run the line through those

2. Make sure you note exactly which row you were on when you put the life line in.


Sonom county Knitting SuppliesStitch Markers Help in Many Ways

Increases & Decreases: Another use for stitch markers, when it is time to increase or decrease, placing a marker where each will occur is fantastic, no need to keep counting. If you were to make a mistake and forget one, by counting the number of stitches between will show you where you missed.

Count Rows: The locking stitch markers can also be used to count rows, if you need to decrease ten times, say every sixth row placing a marker on that row will show you when you have completed that action. Have you ever had to cast on 200 stitches? When you are counting and you get interrupted or you lose your train of thought, putting a stitch marker after a certain amount of stitches will help you to keep track and you won’t have to count 200 hundred 400 hundred times.

Why not use safety pins Instead of the markers? Well you can but normal safety pins have those little twists and turns, getting these snagged in your work is not fun. There are so many little gadgets that can help you knit with ease, I don’t know how I used to manage without them.


More Knitting Tips Coming

OK now to finishing. Have you ever finished knitting a project and didn’t know what to do next?

Was one side shorter than the other? Sleeves too short? Neck to tight? Yes I now we have all done something of the like. Well don’t despair, there are fixes for those, and it doesn’t mean ripping the whole thing out, although you could do that too.   In newsletters to come I will try to explain how exactly that can be done. I say try, because, like writing patterns, its much easier to do and show than how to explain each step. I guess what I am saying is, there is always a way to fix things, so don’t give up. Hang in there and learn with us.

Until next time then I am going to go do something that comes easier to me than writing about it, I am going to go and do it. Look out yarn here I come, I need to relax.


See you next time, all the best Trudy