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Happy 4th of July & New Yarn & Classes

Half Way Through the Year

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesHello again, how are you?

Happy 4th July. Yes, we are into July already, second half of 2017. Countdown is now on for the holidays.

Not fun to think about really as we have only just begun, or at least it seems we have just started to enjoy summer. However, if you are thinking about knitting or crocheting some gifts, this really is a good time to begin, as small projects are easily portable. We are considering doing a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly gift workshop. These will be inexpensive probably $15 or $20 per. So, stay tuned.



Yarn Hop July 22 & 23

Yarn HopThis month we have what everyone has been waiting for, the “Annual Sonoma County Yarn Hop”. I hope you have marked your calendars and saved the date. Lots of prizes, specials, snacks you never know what surprises may be in store for you. While I am thinking about prizes, the winner of our anniversary drawing was – Gabby Fogle. She was very happy to receive the winning call.



Fun New Classes & Yarn

Sebastopol felting classesAs well as the regular monthly classes, we have added a couple of new ones for July. A knitted and felted Gecko, so cute, which is already on the website. By request we are adding a cabled pillow. This will be a wonderful introduction to cables. Learn how to choose which one, ones to use. Learn how to combine cables to make the actual design that YOU want. Overcome your fear of cables and open up a whole new world of knitting possibilities.

Just in, new delivery, never had before in the store. Panda, point protectors, sheep needle gauges, mini animal snips, Iridescent scissors – beautiful, needle grips to help you tighten your interchangeable needles. Supplies are limited so grab yours quick.

If Organic is the way you like to go check out or Feza Harvest, 100 percent extra fine super wash merino. Organically hand dyed using roots, fruits and nuts, 225 yards per skein, size 6-8 needles 5 sts per 1”. Delicious to work with. Come and check out the amazingly unique colors. Some really cute free patterns too. My favorites, Rubia, Pistachio and Blueberry. Tasty, Yes?

I have been looking through the books here, that would be great to use with the Harvest yarn and what do you know, we have two on sale, 75% off too. The knitting experience by Sally Melville, Books 1 and 2. He knit stitch and the purl stitch. At that discount, these are hard to beat. Each book has 12+ patterns to choose from too. Amazing books for the beginning knitter and many tips and tricks for those seasoned knitters also.


Kits Still On Sale 40% OFF

Sonoma County Yarn StoreWe still have some kits on sale at a 40% off, down to our last 10 though, so don’t miss out. Each would make a great gift when worked up, or just as they are for your favorite knitter. Also, we have a few grab sacks left. Some are full skeins, some are partial, prices ranging from 50c to $3.00.

I have been asked for tips and tricks. So, for this week, my tip is to have more than one project on the go at all times. One easy for social knitting, one that needs a little more thought but not so hard that you can’t watch TV whilst working on it, and one that takes total concentration. This way you should always have something to keep you going. Also, never be afraid of mistakes. This is how we learn. Tinking is just knitting backwards, frogging, taking the yarn off the needles. You are getting the most out of your yarn, great value for money.

Well I am going to leave you for now, don’t forget to check out our classes and website for up to the minute information. Have a great July, I will be back with anything that happens during the month that I think you need to know immediately.

Our Free Pattern this month is one that Tamara has knit up, fun and a great transitional look between seasons:

Happy hands – Trudy

Hand knits Sebastopol

Looking Forward To Spring

February Is Already Here

Good Morning, how are you this week?

February here already, time certainly marches on. We all know that February is the second month in the year, and has the shortest amount of days, but did you realize it Is the last month of Winter? You probably did, just me suddenly thinking about that. So much to look forward to, it won’t be long before spring is in the air. With all the rain, we have had the hills should be bright with greens, and the flowers should be in abundance.

Sonoma County Yarn Store

New Yarn & Wonderful Colors

Until then though we can still stave of the chills of winter with some wonderful new yarn and a fantastic array of colors. If you had fun making all the pink hats, perhaps now you could knit some green ones, for new beginnings and fresh starts, how about it. By the way we have restocked with the pink. By the end of the week we should be fully stocked for a while.

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

When I saw the dog with the heart cowl, it gave me another idea. We could do some double knitting, with the hearts or leaves if you would rather, cowls or headbands, do you know anyone interested. I saw a young girl in Peet’s the other day and she had on a Double-Knit headband it was white with blue a blue design, we could start a whole new trend.   Did you know the Pantone color of the year this year is a fresh spring green?

Sonoma county Knitting Classes


Have you been following the Knitterati Anniversary from Cascade? We are at two squares now. The first one was knit in the round from the center out, it’s fun, new techniques, the second, is color work, great picture of the squirrels and leaves. We did get some longer Double pointed needles in, of course you can still use magic loop but if you fancy trying something different, knitting on longer DPNs might be the way to go. It is more fun than it looks, really. It is of course fun too, to see the different colors people are putting together. If you would like to join but can’t face sewing them together at the end, come on in and I will show you how to attach them as you go.

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesSonoma County Knitting Classes


2017 Yarn Tasting Event

We have had quite a lot of interest in the Yarn tasting coming up on the 15th February, but we still have a few tickets left, I think they may be gone by the end of week though. If we do sell out we can put you on a waitlist, you know how things go, someone may have to drop out.

We are excited about the tasting as we will be able to try yarn that we have previously not had in the store. Tickets are only $7 and the event is February 15 from 4:30-7pm and seating is limited to 15 people.


Beautiful New Yarn

Sonoma County yarn ShopSonoma County Yarn ShopSo much new yarn. I actually just finished a scarf with one new yarn. It’s called Melilla. It comprises of 45% silk, 35% merino wool and 20% nylon. It reminds me of Noro, but a very reasonable price. Also the colors are very pretty and they don’t have the wacky weird color thrown in that a lot of people took the time to actually cut out. It also doesn’t have the plant matter thrown in. The scarf I just finished was one skein, one row pattern, great simple project but it looks so nice. I am now making a hat with a ‘sister’ yarn if you will, called Tangier. This is 50% silk, 17% rayon, 17 % Acrylic and 16% cotton. Same great texture and weight which is a medium worsted, knitted on a size 8 needle. So it works up quickly. Come and check them out. It feels nice in your hand too.


Cascade certainly does produce some really great yarn and they keep the prices very reasonable too.


Knitting Tip of the Week

When buying a new pattern, and starting a new project, it is wise to first read the stitch pattern. Not the whole pattern. Of course, you need to know if it is something you can do, so you will need to check out the abbreviations, but these days they also list the pattern stitch. While I must admit, I don’t always do a gauge swatch, it really is a good idea to try the stitch pattern out on a small number of stitches to make sure you “get it” before starting in on the whole piece. This will prevent many hours of frustration as you move along on the multitude of stitches possibly needed for the garment. You will see how each stitch takes its place and it will help you to immediately notice any error you may make. It will also show you if a lifeline may be needed and if it is where it may need to be.


Knitting Is Awesome

You still have time to make something special for your Valentine, let me know if I can help. Along those lines we would like to share some knitting patterns for those who are young at heart or have a someone that they would like some sexy knits for: Knitting Is Awesome specializes in patterns that has young fashion appeal or for you if you enjoy fun fashions. These aren’t our usual free patterns, but a fun collection of knitting patterns to turn out some fun knit clothing.

Until next week then, stay happy, stay healthy and I will be back soon ~ Trudy

Sierras 2017

Stormy January & New Classes

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Good Morning, is it Monday again? Wow. I hope you survived the storms of last week, with no damage and no injury. What a wet start to 2017. Do you think we are out of the drought yet?

We have been extremely fortunate, so far, touch wood, fingers crossed and all of that. No flooding and lots of yarn to keep us busy and hand knits to keep us warm.


New Yarn You’ll Love

Sebastopol Yarn ShopSo, what have I been up to since I last wrote? Well a funny thing happened.

Towards the end of last year, I had visits from sales people showing me new yarns for this year. I really didn’t want to think that far out as things change so quickly, but! Yes, you guessed it. I put in an order and although it was at the back of my mind, guess what? It all turned up yesterday. Wow! So, where to put it all? With a little rearranging, it will fit nicely.

You should see it all. The colors and textures are amazing. Five boxes, things I know you are going to love. I just want to dive right in and make things with it all. That takes time though. We also have another shipment arriving next Tuesday, this one I do remember and I have already knit up a sample with this. Childs short sleeve cardigan bolero. So cute, come and check it out, only one skein too. Now I need to put my thinking cap on and start at least planning what I can make with it all when I get a chance. Do you ever have so many ideas it is hard to keep up with them? My brain is on overload at the moment with ideas etc. I would like to hit the pause button so I can catch up.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Great Knitting Questions & Solutions

Sonoma County Yarn ShopWhen I was thinking what to write about this week, I was asked a question? How do you bind off in the middle and end of the row? Well, the beginning is easy. You do this the same way you would do it at the beginning. Just make sure you get to the place the first stitch knit as many as you need to before starting the bind off. Say the row says, bind off 10sts, knit 20 sts bind off 20 sts, knit 20sts bind off 10 stitches.

The row will be 80 stitches across. You would bind off the first 10 sts having actually knitted 11 as you will need to have one stitch left on the needle, so now you will knit 19 to make the 20. Thirty stitches worked at this point.  Are you with me so far?

Now you are ready to bind off the center 20. I suggest you put a marker after the 21st stitch. Then knit 2 pass first stitch over until you are at the marker. You should now have 29 sts left. Knit 19sts. Now comes the interesting part. Yes, you could knit to the end and turn binding off 10 sts at the beginning of the next row, and it would work out reasonably well. But if you are doing stripes this might not look quite so good. Or you could bind off and rejoin the yarn to the live stitches. However, if you don’t want to do this, it is possible to bind off the last 10 stitches and have the working yarn at the beginning of the next row of live stitches.


Binding Off at Ends on Same Row

This is quite hard to write out, but I hope you are understanding my explanation. By holding some slack from the working yarn and knitting to the end of the row somewhat loosely and catching the slack yarn into place this can be accomplished. If you would like me to show you I would be happy to, you know where and when. Otherwise here is a link to a video that will show you how   I hope I haven’t thoroughly confused you. It is always much easier for me to show you, than to explain it in writing. This is why I am a knitter rather than an author.

If you have a question you would like answered let me know. If you have the question you can bet someone, at least one other person does too. Now on to classes……


Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Felted Clogs Class

I really hadn’t thought much about knitting and felting slippers until I bought a yarn store and opened as Yarnitudes almost 6 years ago now. It was actually my mum that made me realize what I was missing out on. I bought Village knitters lock stock and barrel as they say back in the UK. This meant some old samples too. My mum was visiting and sitting in the shop her feet were cold. So, I found a pair of knitted clogs and she put them on. She told me how warm and soft they were.

Then when Lesley joined me and was talking about making them I really got interested. She made a pair for my mum and then a pair for me for the shop, for when my feet get cold. I was immediately taken by the softness of the sole and how I could felt them to fit. The only small parts of my body are my wrists ankles and feet. Not always easy to get slippers to fit. Since then Lesley has taught many clog classes and it is always very popular. If you can knit, purl and recognize your stitches this is a class that you will have a lot of fun with.



Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Have you always wanted to do color work but not into sheep, although I find it hard to believe any yarnie who doesn’t appreciate their contribution. How about Pandas? Four colors of yarn, you get to choose the colors of course, find someone who likes the same colors and share yarn or get some smaller skeins and make a couple. Learn how to draw pictures with your yarn, and how to personalize your own project. Be sure to pick up your supplies and do your homework before class so that you get the most our of your class time.


Half Pi Shawl

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

In this class Linda will teach you how to make your very own Half Pi. You will get compliments every time you wear it. It is easier than you think. You will learn how to make the classic shawl shape, several lace designs and applied lace edging. This class will open a whole new world to you. See how so few stitches can be turned into beautiful patterns. Although this can be made with lace weight yarn, I would recommend fingering or sock to the first-time lace knitter. The pattern is included and we have the needles and lots of yarn to choose from. Another technique you can add to your collection.

Many new classes to come. If you can’t yet knit or crochet, or if it’s just not for you? We have classes where you will have to know neither, just a love for color and fiber is all these classes will take.

For those of you that read our newsletter all the way through, your link to some wonderful winter knitting patterns, from mittens to sweaters, from throws to cowls, have fun knitting. We have lots of yarn that would look wonderful knit up in many of these patterns:

See you next week. Take care and enjoy every moment-Trudy




Sonoma County Knitting Classes

New Classes & Gorgeous New Yarn

How Is the New Year for You?

Good Morning,

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Sonoma County Yarn ShopHow are you faring today? Are you off to a good start? Well the beginning of our year got off to a reasonable start. Although I really was not inclined to leave my bed on New Year’s Day, things had to be done. It was time for the dreaded inventory.

Yes, the one day of the year, or in the past, couple of years, the days when we have to go through and count everything. Argghh, Anyway, Lesley recruited a whole bunch of friends, dragged her poor hubby in and we went to town. Lilly was there directing traffic. So, we picked up our clipboards, got into teams and begun. Throughout the day some left, some arrived, some bearing coffee, Dave went on a lunch run. A short break for lunch. I was lucky I got to count the yarn not all those fiddly little things, thank you!

After our clipboard was completed, it was time to start entering it all into the computer. This is a slow and tedious task. Lesley took over when her clip board was done. It was a very cold day although with the heater going full blast it did actually get to a reasonable temperature. But as I was sitting at the computer I started to feel a little chilly. Others were starting to say they were feeling the cold too. We thought someone had turned the heating down but no such luck the heater had stopped working.


Yarnies are Hardy

It was now about 6pm everything had been counted but a lot of work still to be done on that darned computer. Lesley said she and Dave would stay to finish it, so we all left them to it. Unfortunately, it became way too cold so they took it all home and finished it there. I think she said it was about 11.30 when she was finally done. Thank you! Thank you!

OK so back to the heater, or lack of it.

Sebastopol Knitting Classese


The Heater Saga

After multiple attempts by Dave to restart it Sunday night with no success, we needed to get it fixed. I made phone calls but no luck. Come Tuesday morning it was back to the shop. I was not very excited about the prospect of freezing so I bundled up warm, multiple layers, warm slippers and such. My hubby came with me to see if over the couple of days, the heater might suddenly cooperate but again no luck. After more phone calls, I finally said someone could come out on the 5th.

I decided it was a good time to keep busy by tidying up and putting away decorations etc., I got the vacuum out and started. I didn’t get too far when people started arriving. I was kept busy then, I kept apologizing for the cold, but surrounded by yarn they didn’t seem to mind, too much. A couple of people came in to knit, as they do, and even brought heaters and blankets. They stayed and knitted for a couple of hours. We are hardy folk us yarnies.

Ok so finally Wednesday morning, with the help of Spencer next door, we were able to get the heater fixed. Yay!!!! So I would say we are off to a good beginning. Inventory done, heater is fixed, vacuuming done, decorations away, and lots of more great yarn to go on the shelves.

I hope your year so far is free of hiccups, but if hiccups occur I hope they are small and overcome quickly.


Great New Classes-Knitted Slippers or Mukluks

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesLast week I started introducing our new classes. So here are a few more for you.

Knitted slippers/Mukluks – Can anyone have too many slippers? OK I guess not everyone is like me. I have slippers all over the house. They never seem to be where I am though. The first thing I do when I get home is find a pair to put on. These slippers re really cute. Available in children’s and adult sizes. Join Linda as she walks you through the stages of construction. Two Monday evenings from 5.30 – 7.30 and you will learn to make these wonderful cozy warmers for your feet, add a leather sole and you can take them outside too.

Can be knitted in a solid or variegated yarn. As long as you can cast on, knit, purl and bind off you can do this. You will learn how to increase, knit both back and forth and in the round and picking up stitches. Sign up quickly as classes are beginning soon. Also remember don’t wait until the last minute as if we have no confirmed students the class will be cancelled.


Baa-ble Hat Class

Back again by popular demand. Love making hats but you want to add a little something different?. How about this hat, great for the sheep lover in your world? This is a great way to introduce color work to your arsenal of talents. You will learn to use color to make designs in your work, how to follow the written instructions and how to work with charts. As long as you are comfortable with your knits and purls, casting on, binding off, recognizing your stitches and knitting in the round you can do this.

This hat is quite addicting once you have made one you will want to make more and more. The color possibilities are endless. I saw so many different combinations the last few times I taught this class. This will open up an amazing world of how to individualize your projects.


Felted Slipper Booties

OK, “not so many classes for crocheters “ is something I often hear; so here we have a great project for you. Have you ever felted before? If you can crochet and know your basic stitches this is for you. You will learn how to follow a pattern and add your sheep motif. Continuing the theme here, slippers and sheep, that is. Join Karen to crochet a pair of child’s or adult booties and felt them to fit. Again the sky is the limit with the color so come and pick yours. There are only two spaces left in this class so sign up quickly.


Felted Soaps

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesLesley will show you just how easy it is to felt soap. All you need for this class is two bars of soap. No prior knowledge of felting necessary. By the time you have taken this class you will be able to make any soap you like, into one of a kind boutique gift soap. Make some for yourself, have a bunch on hand for a last-minute gift idea. You can personalize the color and make up your own design. This is a party atmosphere class but you need to be ready to get a little damp, you might want to bring an apron or something to protect your clothing.

Although this class isn’t until February, sign up now to avoid disappointment.



Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sonoma County has been hit with an Arctic cold blast in the last few weeks and it looks as though it is continuing through January; great knitting weather. So who would know better about keeping warm in the winter, but our friends up North in Canada. We found some great FREE knitting patterns to warn you up this season:  Any of these patterns would look scrumptious in our new yarns.

Shelves Filling with New Yarn

If you are in need of more inspiration, come on in and check out all the love colors and textures of yarn we have been receiving almost daily. The shelves were getting a little thin after the holidays but we are refilling them fast.

So until next week then happy yarning, keep warm and dry and I look forward to seeing you very soon-Trudy

Featured photo credit: James Newman Gray

Sebastopol Knitting Classes

Surviving the Holidays with Friends & Yarn

Knitting & Friends During the Holidays

Good Morning,

How are things? Did you survive the Holiday? Is it diet time? Did you enjoy all your friends and family being around or did you manage to get some R & R away from holiday madness?

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

The Joys of Friendship

Sonoma County Yarn ShopWe had a house full this year, 17 for dinner. We had to do some rearranging of furniture, changing our family room into a dining room and the dining room into a cozy sitting area. We managed with help from friends to seat everyone all facing each other. Two dining tables put together, both extended, two very large table cloths, and a whole lot of food and beverage. It is amazing what we can do when we all pull together.

We used to have large gatherings at Thanksgiving in Santa Rosa until about three years ago, when some of our very best friends had to move away to take care of an aging parent. The last three years were pretty quiet for us, just our own very close little family. But now the friends are back and it was a very joyous celebration. It is amazing to see everyone come together again after being spread far and wide for a few years. Last year we only hoped we could all get together again, now we are again.

We never know what might happen in the future, the best we can do though is carry on, always keep in touch, even if it isn’t as often as we would like. True and dear friends will always be there for us even if we don’t get to be together or talk as often as we would like. I am so thankful for my friends.


Gratitude Brings Happiness

I am thankful for so many things in my life. When I look back over my life so far, it has been truly amazing. There were times, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through another day. Now though, I realize in the grand scheme of things, they were such a very small percentage of days like that. I never gave up, and I hope I never will.


Surround Yourself with People That Believe in Your Dreams

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesThere were people who told me I was crazy to open a shop at ‘my age’. Some even said it wouldn’t work. There were several times I wondered about that myself, what had I been thinking?

I really had no idea what I was in for. That was then, this is now. Soon I will be celebrating six years. Six years of wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Six years of meeting wonderful people. Six years of wonderful stories, and six years of exciting new and improved skills.

I sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving was as good as mine and you have as many things to be thankful for.


Sebastopol Knitting ClassesKnitting Helps Destress Your Life

During the uncertain times, my knitting was a safety net. Helping me to keep my sanity, what sanity I had in the beginning that is. It still is my way of relaxing, a way of leaving the stress of the day. It also helps me enormously to remain calm when I am waiting for appointments etc. I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting.

Are you able to relax and destress when you are knitting or crocheting? If your answer is ‘no’ just give it time. Try something simple if you are stressing over a pattern. Try something more difficult if you are just not able to leave the stressful thoughts out of your mind for a while.

Let the rhythm of the hook or needles and the softness of the yarn envelope your world for just a little while, you will be so glad you did.



Connection & Stress Relief-A Story of Healing

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesJust recently I had a customer come into the store. I hadn’t seen her for a while. Actually, I hadn’t seen her since the day she was scheduled for a lesson and was told just before the class that her sister had stage four cancer. She was pretty upset back then as I am sure you will understand. She said she would like to make something for her sister, perhaps a prayer shawl.

So, we found some lovely soft wool and she left the store with a project in mind. That was some time ago. This time she came in though, she was happy, smiling she told me the good news. She told me of the effect knitting that shawl had on her. How she had prayed and thought of her sister the whole time she was making it. She then told me about as she put it, the Miracle. The prognosis for her sister was very good. The fact that she was in such good health otherwise and with new drugs it wasn’t the death sentence that she had feared. Doing something therapeutic had given her a sense of peace and calm and now hopefully her sister will be around a long time to appreciate and be surrounded by all the love that went into that shawl. I wish them both health and happiness.


More New Yarn Arrives


Sebastopol Yarn ShopSebastopol Yarn ShopWe have recently acquired some more yarn. Surprise, surprise ! Wonder colors, easy one and two skein projects. Many new free patterns with purchase. Check these out.

Put this together with a skein of solid color and watch the magic happen.


Last week there were a couple of patterns I showed you from Louisa Harding, made with Amitola Grande, we now have this in the store, along with Trenzar, Ella Rae, Lace merino Chunky, Juniper Moon Moonshine. We also have now received two more colors of Berroco Milefiori, one color in particular that I have been waiting for Viola, its amazing. The Sunset over the badlands is also ready for you to take away with yarn purchase.


Sonoma County Yarn Store


Next week—–how to fix those troubling knitting boo, boos.




Sebastopol Yarn Shop

We’ve Stocked Up for Christmas

The Yarn Choices Are Incredible

Well hello again, did you miss me?

As I say to a rep who keeps calling me, when she says have you missed me, “what, you never give me time to miss you”. I hope you have had a great week.

Well what is new and exciting in the Yarnitudes world?


We’ve Stocked Up for Christmas

Sonoma County Yarn StoreAt Yarnitudes, we have been stocking up for Christmas. It is getting harder every day to find the space to put things. The yarn choices are just incredible these days. Can you believe with all we have in the store there is still more out there?

As always we are looking for the best value we can find for you. How did we get by for so many years with so little choice? Now it can almost seem overwhelming. This is such a small sample of our offerings below.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Future Plans-Samples Made From New Yarn

Sonoma County Yarn ShopI have decided in the future when adding a new line, I will first make something from the yarn. I will put it out on display and see the kind of response I get. If the response is great enough I will then make it an addition to the family of yarn, we already carry. I did this recently with a new yarn to us, called Millefiori from Italy, it is by Berocco, 100g and, 186 yds per ball, 4.5 sts=1”, needle size 8, hook size H. The fiber is comprised of 50% wool 50% acrylic. It comes in eight glorious color blends that knit up into random patterns. This yarn feels fantastic, soft with just a hint of shimmer. I chose to experiment with the colorway Snapdragon, 7887. I knitted up a lovely shawl, and I wrote up the pattern, are you shocked?

I know I do keep getting myself into trouble when I don’t write the pattern too. It is now being test knitted by Peggy, bless her soul. I called it Sunset over the Badlands. It would seem that it is a hit and therefore we will be carrying it very soon. I just love all of the colors, I think after Snapdragon my favorite has to be Viola. What do you think? Great colors, yes? Once the pattern has been tested it will be free with the yarn purchase.


You Can Find the Time to Knit

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesSometimes I hear the phrase,” I just don’t have time to knit any more”. There is always time to knit. One stitch at a time, that’s all it takes. I myself have said that of late. I don’t mean I have no time to knit, just that I might not be knitting on my own projects, or ones that I really want to knit.

However I always find some time during a day to at least pick up my needles for at least one row. I do have numerous projects on the go at one time I admit, some have shorter rows than others and this does help.

Depending on how much time I find myself with will determine which project I pick up.   Also everyone who knows me knows I always have at least one project with me no matter where I go. Dentist, Doctor, hair salon, oil change, etc. etc. It makes the wait always so much shorter.


Tips for Making Projects Portable

Tips for a portable project:

  • Keep it small, make sure you have everything you may need with you.
  • Make sure it isn’t too complicated, you don’t want to get called mid pattern repeat.
  • Make sure you have your markers, just in case you drop a stitch and a small hook to rescue if you can.
  • Most of our group knitters now have a little blue box, this has the space for everything you might want, all in one place nice and secure. It is very inexpensive too. You will be surprised just how much you can get into such a small neat and compact space.
  • If you know time is short, try just making washcloths, apart from being a nice gift, they are a gift to you. You can learn so much on one little cloth. If you don’t want to give them as gifts, save them up and make a nice afghan or bed cover. So much can be done with a bunch of squares. Cardigans, sweaters, wraps, dresses, just takes a little imagination.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


Questions From a Reader

I am going to share something I just received from a reader, If you have the time, you might want to think about this –

“Hi Trudy, I was just doing a quick read through your September newsletter and saw the article regarding giving your knit items to charity. I wanted to encourage knitters and those who crochet to give their “time” to charity. There are many places who would probably appreciate someone volunteering to give a lesson on knit or crochet.

I have been giving knitting lessons at a residential chemical recovery center for women. I’ve been doing this for three years and the women seem to love it and they and the staff are always very thankful and appreciative towards me. And by the way, we depend completely upon donations of yarn, needles, and hooks. So donating supplies is also very appreciated. Clean out those stashes and give that and your time to charity!”

Well, I think that’s about all for this week. Next week I will answer another question, this time on Sequence Knitting.

I hope you have a fantastic week. Come and join us if you can for one of our knitting gatherings. Enjoy every minute.

Take care ~ Trudy