Thank you!

thank you


Good morning, how’s it going?

Well we are full steam now into the holidays.  At one time, back in June, it seemed so far away didn’t it? Now it is upon us.   We are very lucky here in the store; people are patient and want to be here, no everyone is so lucky.  We are all so busy rushing from one thing to another, and everything seems to take so long.  The cars on the roads, the shoppers and workers in the shops all taking too long to do something, it is all so much.  I know I can and have been guilty of feeling irritated when I have to wait for something but now I can and do see it from another point of view.  Yes there is always that one person out there that only thinks about themselves.  Perhaps we should feel sorry for them; they obviously don’t have anyone in their life work caring about.  Most of the times though there are reasons.

There are business owners who cannot afford to pay for more staff in order to keep the doors of his business open for us.  There are overworked, or overtired workers who have to be there to support their family, etc.  Not everything is black and white.  Sometimes we should wonder about the grey.  I saw something on Facebook today that kind of hit home, and I have shared it on our Facebook page.  It is not the type of thing I typically share on our page but I think it is worth a listen.  But like I said we are the lucky ones, here at Yarnitudes, and we thank you for it.  It is truly a joy to see so many excited and happy people coming into our store.  Thank you!  If only everyone had the luxury of knitting and crochet in their lives to fuel their soul.


That was probably a little unexpected wasn’t it, although;  people who know me well are never surprised at what I might say.

Hopefully you are having a wonderful season so far and your projects are all finished or almost.  Your plans are coming together.  Perhaps friends and family coming to celebrate with you, or maybe you will just have some quiet time.  Whatever you have planned, I hope all is good for you.

keep calm

The Secret Santa gift registry is going well.  We have lots of little lists of goodies that people are requesting for their stockings.  Some have even been collected already!  This not only helps the gift receiver and giver it helps us to know what kind of things we need to have in the store to make those wishes come true.  So if there is something you would like to receive for the holidays this year come in and fill out a card.  We have so many ideas for great gifts, for the knitter or crocheter in your life as well as some really neat last minute things for you to make and give.  Lucky dip corner too come in and I will explain that one.

Of course as always we are planning ahead.  I hope if you attended the Knit the Sky workshop with Author Lea Redmond yesterday that you had a blast.  Lesley really enjoyed it.  She even had her book autographed!  Fun wasn’t it?

Please save te date for January 24th.  We will be having something new to entertain and inspire you.

Sonoma County Knitting Class

Lee Gant, Author of Love in Every­ Stitch will be coming in to talk about her book, her life, and to share her enthusiasm for the craft.  You might want to RSVP early her appearances in bookstores have been standing room only.

Here is what Lee has to say about the book and the event:

“Why do you knit?

Do you love the process? Do you enjoy the meditative state that wrapping yarn around a stick brings? Are you project driven? Do you see a sweater or a sock or a hat and you just know you have to make that?

No matter what motivates you to pick up yarn and needles, when knitters get together, great things happen. We tell stories. We speak to one another, share important things. Our pains lessen while we wrap and listen.

Our world grows less anxious.

We heal.”

Bring your knitting and hear stories from Love in Every Stitch. Meet Lee Gant and learn how something as simple as wrapping loops around a stick can change a life.

Join us Sunday, January 24th from 4:30 – 6:30 for refreshments, camaraderie, and to have your book signed!

We have a lot more fun in store for you in the following month.  So stay tuned for an exciting time.

Well that’s probably more than enough from me for one day, don’t forget we are open Mondays now until the end of the year.  Hope to see you soon.

Take care and again, thank you for being part of our family

~ Trudy



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