Trick or Treat

November is Around the Corner

Good Morning and Happy Halloween!

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesHow are you feeling today, well I hope? Do you have a treat for the Tricker’s? Can you believe that Tomorrow is the first day of November?


Great One-Skein Christmas Projects

Sonoma County Knitting ClassesI have been getting a lot of people in lately getting their projects for the holidays. There is still lots of time for you too. I have a lot yarn for easy one skein projects that can be completed in a few hours.

If you need help with ideas and instruction for projects for the holidays, let us know. We have some classes scheduled this month for some of those. We are always open to suggestions though? What would you like to learn?




We Have Wonderful Classes with Individual Attention

A sample of our classes this month –

Slippers, you can knit and felt these or just knit a pair, crochet both ways too.

Hats knitted or crochet, lots of styles to choose from. We have a class on a cabled one.

Socks, while daily in your shoes socks can take a while house socks are an idea.

Feather and fan scarf. An easy lace pattern, can be knit or crocheted. You don’t have to do this with fine lace weight, it can also be done with a worsted or chunky yarn. We have some great novelty yarn with sparkles and such, something very simple can be made into something fantastic just by changing the yarn.

Felted bag, although the class for this one is a knitted tote type there are many others that are also really cute. Crocheters can do this too, it’s not all for knitters only.

Felted hat although this class for this one is for a certain style the possibilities are endless once you get the process down.


In-Person Classes Help You Master Techniques Faster

Sonoma County Knitting ClassWhile I am on the subject of classes, have you used You Tube or videos to learn things? While I think these are great tools, I use them too from time to time, they are not for everyone. We all learn differently. So many people come in after working with videos asking for help with things they didn’t understand.

You know what it’s like when you have someone teaching you face to face sometimes, you think you are doing exactly as they are but you come to find out you are not. It just doesn’t work out. Well with videos you don’t have someone to point out when you have it right or you have to do something just a little bit differently to get the right result. That is where we come in.

We can show you that by slightly altering the way you are holding something, or where you are placing something can be the difference in success or not. I don’t like to use the word failure, you don’t fail, you just do not always do it successfully. There are no silly questions only the ones you don’t ask. There are no mistakes only lessons. I and all of my teachers love what we do and love passing that information, craft on to others. We are extremely patient and welcome all levels. We don’t know everything but what we do know we will gladly share with you.


Original Kits Coming to Yarnitudes

As you know I like to design patterns, and that when I do, I don’t like to write up the patterns. Well I have been trying to be better about this. So I have recently written two new ones.

One, the Badlands shawl which is now ready. Yarn for this one is now in, more on its way.

Two, the cashmere and diamonds neck warmer, which I am putting together as a kit. The idea for this design came from some exquisite yarn I have, that is quite luxurious, 65% cashmere and 35% silk. I only have four of these kits available so I am sure they won’t last long. A sample of the design is on display in the shop. I hope to be doing more of these limited kits in the future.

Whether these are something you would like to knit up for that very special person in your life, or something that special knitter in your life would like as a gift. We are planning for You.


Gift ListStart Your Wish List at Yarnitudes

Lastly this week, don’t forget your personal list for Santa. We already have some started. Come in, pick out all the things you would like someone to buy for you and write them on a list. Then you can tell anyone that wants to know what to get you for Christmas that we have your list in the store. They can then come in, or contact us and we can guide them to what you would like. That way, you get what you want and we know what to make sure we have in stock for you. OK I am going to leave you for this week, and get on with my planning.


Take good care of yourself and I will be back next week.

All the best ~Trudy