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Welcome to Fall & Great Knitting Ideas

Changing Weather-More Options for Knitting


What a changeable week we had last week, weather wise that is. Cool, cold, colder, warmer and then Hot, wow. Talk about wait 15 minutes and everything changes. Have you managed to keep up with it? Aren’t you glad for all your afghans, sweaters and shawls? We have a special treat for going into the fall season, a free pumpkin knitting pattern off of Ravelry.

Easy on easy off, just what we need here. Sometimes I find myself in a sleeveless top, watching TV, one minute I am comfy, the next reaching for something just to cover my arms, then on goes the blanket, and my snuggly knitted slippers. I am so happy I have my craft.


Are You Hungering for a New Project?

Have the evenings drawing in made you hunger for a nice new project to keep your hands busy, or are you like me, it doesn’t matter about the weather because I always have more projects than I can keep up with.

Now is the time we get the fall and winter knitters in. They love the outdoors but once it starts to get darker earlier they just love that cozy project to keep them busy. If they haven’t been in the store for a while they are so excited to see all the new things we have on offer.

Every day we get more and more new people discovering us and our little home away from home. We see new friendships form and old ones shared. So many people find they have so much more in common that their love of yarn. It truly is amazing to see the camaraderie we have here.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

We Aren’t Stuffy or Cliquish

If you have never joined in on one of our social knitting afternoons, you might want to give it a try if you find yourself free on one of these occasions. Apart from making new friendships, it is amazing how many tips, tricks and ideas you pick up from other ‘yarnies’. One of our lovely regular attendees would like to get a group together to do the scoreboard knit along. In case you have never heard of this, here is the info.

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

Football fans especially, but it could be adapted to any sport really that has points to be scored. You pick two colors of yarn, typically your teams colors. The first one was last year but it was so popular they decided to do it again this year.

Here are the details:

Sonoma County Knitting Classes

The Scoreboard Cowl is worked in the two (or three) colors of your favorite football team!

The main color (MC) will always represent your favorite team and their points, while the secondary color (CC) will always represent your favorite team’s opponents and their points.  There is also an option to add a third color, to provide a visual break line between games.  In the BLUE, GREEN and SILVER example above, representing Seattle’s 2014-2015 season, the BLUE represents Seattle, the GREEN represents Seattle’s opponents, and the SILVER is the purl round that separates the games!

The idea behind the design of the cowl is fairly simple.  When your team scores, you will knit a round in the MC for each point attained.  Did they kick a field goal?  That would be 3 rounds.  Did they score a touchdown?  That would be 6 rounds.  Was the point after good?  Add another round!  Should the opposing team score on the subsequent drive, their points will be knit in the CC (following the same rules noted above).  You will follow this structure for the entire game, switching back and forth between the MC and CC depending on which team scores.  All rounds will be worked in knit stitch, except the optional, game-dividing, purl rounds.

When the season is over, you will be left with an AMAZING, wearable knitted record of your team’s 2016-2017 season in the Scoreboard Cowl!

Sonoma County Knitting Classes


Point-for-Point Cowl:

You can use the same great pattern as last year, where each point scored equals one round knitted.


Play-by-Play Cowl:

If you are looking for a shorter cowl or a quicker knit, you can download the new 2.0 cowl pattern available in store this is a great way to follow the games while knitting a shorter, but equally stunning alternative that uses about half the amount of yarn as the original.

If you don’t follow sports, I am sure we could find a way of adapting this to you. Perhaps a family tree, or a group you belong to. I have the ideas if you have the interest. This is a great way to knit with different colors and not have a large sum tied up in yarn.


Last Minute Class Additions

Last minute addition, Linda has made a lovely crochet shawl, she says it is too easy for a class but how about a crochet along. Stop in and check it out. As always there is no charge for a knit along, just your supplies.

If you have an idea for A KNIT A LONG that you would like to start or have started just let us know we would be happy to oblige. This is your yarn store and your ideas matter to us.

So as to keep out of trouble I need to remind you of the next two weeks upcoming classes.

Wednesday 28th Knitted Felted Hat. Last class this month.

Then October, can you believe it –

Tuesday 4th Begin Knitting

Wednesday 5th Knitted Cable Hat

Saturday 8th Knitted Felted Bag.

Sunday 9th Spinning