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We’ve Stocked Up for Christmas

The Yarn Choices Are Incredible

Well hello again, did you miss me?

As I say to a rep who keeps calling me, when she says have you missed me, “what, you never give me time to miss you”. I hope you have had a great week.

Well what is new and exciting in the Yarnitudes world?


We’ve Stocked Up for Christmas

Sonoma County Yarn StoreAt Yarnitudes, we have been stocking up for Christmas. It is getting harder every day to find the space to put things. The yarn choices are just incredible these days. Can you believe with all we have in the store there is still more out there?

As always we are looking for the best value we can find for you. How did we get by for so many years with so little choice? Now it can almost seem overwhelming. This is such a small sample of our offerings below.

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Future Plans-Samples Made From New Yarn

Sonoma County Yarn ShopI have decided in the future when adding a new line, I will first make something from the yarn. I will put it out on display and see the kind of response I get. If the response is great enough I will then make it an addition to the family of yarn, we already carry. I did this recently with a new yarn to us, called Millefiori from Italy, it is by Berocco, 100g and, 186 yds per ball, 4.5 sts=1”, needle size 8, hook size H. The fiber is comprised of 50% wool 50% acrylic. It comes in eight glorious color blends that knit up into random patterns. This yarn feels fantastic, soft with just a hint of shimmer. I chose to experiment with the colorway Snapdragon, 7887. I knitted up a lovely shawl, and I wrote up the pattern, are you shocked?

I know I do keep getting myself into trouble when I don’t write the pattern too. It is now being test knitted by Peggy, bless her soul. I called it Sunset over the Badlands. It would seem that it is a hit and therefore we will be carrying it very soon. I just love all of the colors, I think after Snapdragon my favorite has to be Viola. What do you think? Great colors, yes? Once the pattern has been tested it will be free with the yarn purchase.


You Can Find the Time to Knit

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesSometimes I hear the phrase,” I just don’t have time to knit any more”. There is always time to knit. One stitch at a time, that’s all it takes. I myself have said that of late. I don’t mean I have no time to knit, just that I might not be knitting on my own projects, or ones that I really want to knit.

However I always find some time during a day to at least pick up my needles for at least one row. I do have numerous projects on the go at one time I admit, some have shorter rows than others and this does help.

Depending on how much time I find myself with will determine which project I pick up.   Also everyone who knows me knows I always have at least one project with me no matter where I go. Dentist, Doctor, hair salon, oil change, etc. etc. It makes the wait always so much shorter.


Tips for Making Projects Portable

Tips for a portable project:

  • Keep it small, make sure you have everything you may need with you.
  • Make sure it isn’t too complicated, you don’t want to get called mid pattern repeat.
  • Make sure you have your markers, just in case you drop a stitch and a small hook to rescue if you can.
  • Most of our group knitters now have a little blue box, this has the space for everything you might want, all in one place nice and secure. It is very inexpensive too. You will be surprised just how much you can get into such a small neat and compact space.
  • If you know time is short, try just making washcloths, apart from being a nice gift, they are a gift to you. You can learn so much on one little cloth. If you don’t want to give them as gifts, save them up and make a nice afghan or bed cover. So much can be done with a bunch of squares. Cardigans, sweaters, wraps, dresses, just takes a little imagination.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


Questions From a Reader

I am going to share something I just received from a reader, If you have the time, you might want to think about this –

“Hi Trudy, I was just doing a quick read through your September newsletter and saw the article regarding giving your knit items to charity. I wanted to encourage knitters and those who crochet to give their “time” to charity. There are many places who would probably appreciate someone volunteering to give a lesson on knit or crochet.

I have been giving knitting lessons at a residential chemical recovery center for women. I’ve been doing this for three years and the women seem to love it and they and the staff are always very thankful and appreciative towards me. And by the way, we depend completely upon donations of yarn, needles, and hooks. So donating supplies is also very appreciated. Clean out those stashes and give that and your time to charity!”

Well, I think that’s about all for this week. Next week I will answer another question, this time on Sequence Knitting.

I hope you have a fantastic week. Come and join us if you can for one of our knitting gatherings. Enjoy every minute.

Take care ~ Trudy