What a busy Month!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Hi, I’m home!!!

Well I have been back a week now.  Oh how time flies.  I think I am getting back to normal, well my normal anyway. Yes, I knew what you were thinking.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

It was a busy three weeks and I will get around to telling you more about that at a later date.  We have so much coming up that I need to fill you in on now that it will have to wait.

Sonoma County Yarn Hop

What a busy month July will be.  I know Lesley has been keeping you up to date, thank you Lesley, Again.  We have really been working on making this year’s Yarn Hop the best yet.  Along with yarn, lots and lots of great yarn, we will have our usual demonstrations with Karen of Royale Hare.  Spinning and felting and crochet oh my.  Because we are holding the hop over two days this year you will be able to take advantage of these since there is more time.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

On Saturday, Chad from Cascade will be back with samples of their yarn for you to taste.  We hope he will show you what’s new for the fall and winter seasons.  We have a couple of new yarns coming from Cascade. This is your chance to try them out.  We had fun with him last year and know you did too.  What a nice guy.  I wish I had his energy.

We will also have some nibbles and Prizes, of course there will be Prizes.  Along with the grand prize – each shop will have their own grand prize this year – we will be having hourly drawings. Don’t forget to put your name in before you check out.

There will be specials and deals to be found.  Each store will do their own thing so make sure you check them all out.  When you have your passport completed make sure to drop it at the last store or store of your choice for a chance to win their grand prize.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Something new that Yarnitudes is doing this year is – Ravelry!  Many of you have heard all about it, some haven’t.  But do you know all the things you can do on it.  Well Tammy from Universal will be here in the shop to tell you and show you how to make it work for you.  Have yarn at home you don’t know what to do with?  See how Ravelry can find you just the right project. Tammy will be in the store on Sunday to show you some of the basics and for those who have a bit of an idea but would like to know more, she will come back on Monday to show you further tips and tricks.  This is taking Ravelry to the next level.  For the Ravelry sessions, PLEASE call or email us and sign up.  You must let us know if you are interested as space will definitely be limited.  Oh and bring your IPad or tablet with you. You will wonder what you did without it.  Follow the links below for details and homework.

There is no fee for these classes.

What a deal!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Sonoma County Yarn Shop


OK leading up to and after the Yarn Hop we will have trunk shows from both Berocco and Universal Yarns.  From Berocco we will have items made from Fiora and Folio.  From Universal we will have garments in several summer weight yarns.  These garments are made in Flax, Good Earth, Cotton Supreme and Bamboo Pop. Come in and get inspired.  It’s not too late to whip up a quick warm weather favorite!

Next Monday the 11th  from 5-7pm Karen will host her Monday evening Spin, knit, crochet, yarn evening.  Please come and join her, she is a wealth of information.

Sonoma COunty Yarn Shop

And don’t forget our annual Sheep Shearing on Saturday, July 16th.  Come by to see exactly where the wool comes from and how it goes from Sheep to Shawl – sweater, gloves, hats etc.  Sergeant Speckles will be making his once a year appearance.  He is such a good boy.  I bet he will be happy to get rid of his coat if the temperatures rise again.  We always have a fun time with this and Paul our shearer will answer questions on the shearing process.

Well I am sure I have forgotten something, my mind is like Swiss cheese as Lesley puts it, full of holes.  But check our Facebook page for last minute updates.  Like I said this is going to be a busy month.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Happy Yarning ~ Trudy

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