Winter Is Coming-Knit Faster

Time Flies-Winter Is Coming


Wow, can you believe we are already ¾ through the year. October already. Looking back over past newsletters it seems I am always surprised when October comes around. Although I love the Autumn/Fall the colors and the slightly cooler days and night; It seems that the rest of the year just goes past in a blur. I wonder if it has anything to do with the line of work I do?

Knitting Classes Sonoma County

Sebastopol Yarn ShopA lot has happened this year, so I really shouldn’t be surprised. Three trips to Europe took up what seemed to be half of the year, although not gone all that time, planning for while I was away and back ate up a lot of it. Lesley preparing for and joyfully having her baby. Wow, wow, wow.



Live, Love, Knit

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Anyway as we settle in to the shorter days, longer nights, the cooler mornings and cold nights, it is a great time for us yarn lovers. Now we also have a purpose, just in case we didn’t need one, ha, ha! All those Christmas gifts.

Make sure you give them to those deserving of your time, efforts and love that goes into every stitch. We have some cute little charms that you can attach to the finished projects that will explain just how much love went into the gift.




Charities Can Always Use Your Knitting Talents

Sonoma County Yarn ShopIf you are done with giving your gift of knitting to people who do not appreciate it, but still love to knit. I have a lot of those people come in the shop, or you just don’t have anyone to knit for anymore. They live in a hot place, don’t wear knits, have enough scarves or hats etc. but you still enjoy the process.

There are so many charities out there that would really, really appreciate what you have to give. Let me know if you are interested in this and I can get you on your way to fulfilling someone’s need and making them so happy with your hand knit work.



Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

We do partner with Alice’s Embrace, making lap blankets and prayer shawls for Alzheimer’s patients, we get lovely photos of the finished items being handed to the recipients, Check them out at If you don’t want to do a piece as big as a blanket or shawl, you could always make baby things, kids clothes etc for those in fostercare.

Charity KnittingA scarf, hat, cowl, mitts for the homeless or in need. How about our military overseas in the cold climates, something warm from home to brighten those off hours. A stuffed animal or ‘blankie’ for the police to hand out to children affected by accidents or loss of a parent. Lots of ideas, we could all really make a difference to someone’s life.  If you would like your work to go to someone here in your own county we could partner with KZST and their Secret Santa Drive, or the Crozat Family Foundation

Giving to others is a great gift to ourselves.



Do Tell Us What You Would Like as Newsletter Topics

Sebastopol Knitting ClassesA couple of weeks ago I received an email from Jane. Jane first asked me to keep the newsletters coming, always good to know I am doing the right thing. Then she went on to suggest a topic – She asked me for “‘a cheat sheet’ that discusses the types of yarn and how one substitutes, ie DK vs worsted etc., would be a topic I’d like to understand instead of just following along!” So I am going to work on that for next week.

Do you have any questions of suggestions? Please let me know. Would you like a work shop or too on knitting/crocheting gifts? A class or workshop on making Christmas stockings? Just some thoughts.


I am sure I have given you a few things to think about this week, I hope so and I hope together we can continue to make Yarnitudes not only a great yarn store, but a great place to be, and be associated with.


Until next week then take great care of yourself