~Yarn, Yarn, Yarn~

bamboo pop

Bamboo Pop is now restocked with lots of colors. Sweater quantities available just ask!


I hope you had a great week, weekend and start to the new week.  It has been a little crazy around here this week but we love it!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Yarn Tasting!

This week I would like to talk to you about Yarn!  You know we can’t live without it.  We had a very successful yarn tasting this weekend.   You got to sample some of our favorite yarn that we have carried for a while, some that is new to us, and some we are thinking of carrying in the future.  We also got to try out the full line of Knitter’s Pride needles and hooks.  We don’t have every type of needle in stock but we are willing and able to special order any of the needles for you.  Just ask!

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

It was great fun to see how one particular needle may be great with one yarn and yet another type even better with another yarn.  We still have some of the yarn left so next time you are in ask to try some out.   Of course we won’t be able to recreate the fun that we had together, sorry, maybe you can make it next time.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Sorry if you have to miss the yarn tasting.  Now I would like to tell you about some more yarn that has worked it way into our hearts and into the store.  Some are brand new and some are just getting restocked!  What fun!

feza kits

First up we have the Hand Dyed Feza Yarns Baby Kits.  These consist of four skeins of cotton/viscose yarn in gradient shades.  For example: the navy one has one skein of pure navy, the second skein is a white base with a lot of navy in it, the third is a white base with slightly less navy and the fourth is plain white.   When they are knitted in order it makes for a lovely gradient blanket that is ooh so soft and cool to the touch too.

blanket sample

This yarn does come as a kit only.  However, many of our customers have bought the kits to make other things for themselves:  shawls, tees, shells, or baby clothes.   The price is right at only $41/kit.   When it is finished you have a great zippered bag to store or present it in.  They have been selling so fast I think we have re-ordered them 3 times and some are on backorder.  I spoke to the owner the other day and he said he is having trouble keeping up with the demand, but ‘we got clout’.  Come in and get yours soon.


Now on to one of our favored suppliers, these are all brought to us from Knitting Fever just in time for summer.

Sonoma County Yarn Shop

Juniper Moon Farms Neve is a 100% cotton worsted weight yarn.  Normally worsted weight cotton can be a little heavy but, with the chainette construction this makes it light and airy.  It is great for the warmer days ahead.  We have 8 colors in the store already and they are truly amazing.  It knits on a US 6-7 needle with 4.5 to 5.5 stitches per inch and 222 yards per 100gr.  It will finish up a project in no time.


Again from Juniper Moon Farm Zooey with a lovely 60% cotton  40% linen combination.  This is a joy to knit with.  It calls for a US size 3–5 needle will give you 5 to 6 stitches per inch.   Zooey comes in 100gr balls with 284 yards each.  There are 30 colors, we have 6 in the store right now with more to come that are on back order.  We decided to start with neutral colors for that classic linen look, but the vibrant colors are great too and we will add them as we go.

luxury silk

Now last but not least (for today anyway) KFI Luxury Silk Sport.   It is composed of 100%  Mulbery silk with an amazing sheen and deep rich colors.  The tonal coloring in this yarn gives it a wonderfully interesting, vibrant, and alive finish.   Talk about luxurious, you will feel very pampered and regal in this yarn.  Each skein is 289 yards and 100 gr of tonal perfection, knits on size 4-5 needles at 6 stitches per inch.  The generous yardage will go a long way towards helping you create your own slice of heaven.

The Wednesday night knitting group was checking this yarn out soon after it landed on the shelves.  There were lots of oooh’s and aaaahs , to be heard.  They are all now planning their next projects using one if not all of these wonderful new colors.


Now if only I had time to knit!!


Oh yes silly me I nearly forgot, in order to celebrate our anniversary, 5 years  now WOW, and to thank you for helping to get us there, we will be having cake, cookies and beverages during our Wednesday night and Friday afternoon get togethers this week.  If you get the chance, stop in and join the celebration.  Don’t forget to be stopping by to enter our drawing.  Prizes go out next week!

Please make sure to Save the Date: Saturday and Sunday July 23rd and 24th, details to come in the next few weeks.  He! he! I’ve got you guessing now!

bampoo pop sweater sample

Last minute addition!!!  We just got in a whole bunch of Bamboo Pop plus a sweater sample all knit up and ready to pet. Stop by and see all the colors and get inspired by the sample!

Have a great week enjoy every minute


Chat again soon ~ Trudy